Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Garage before and after


New paint job, hauled off a bunch of junk, and new storage units from Lowes. I still have to clean the windows and blinds but it should be a much more pleasant job since everything else is so clean. I'm a bit on the fence about the paint color, although anything would be a improvement over the yucky greenish tan. It is a light gray. It is definitely too light for the ramp. I plan to repaint it in a dark gray/charcoal color. Still a couple of boxes I'd like to get rid of....a Christmas tree, but since we have no attic, have to store it somewhere.

I'll have a couple more before and afters in a few days.



Petit Design Co. said...

it looks awesome! I love organizing but it never lasts with 3 small kids :)
Just yesterday I organized my pantry, and organized our frozen foods (we just got a new chest freezer) between two freezers.

I feel like I can find anything now!

Rachel said...

Me too Norma! I need to organise my pantry and freezer.......