Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

This is what Easter is all about....pure joy!

Thank you Jesus for giving of yourself, and for the blessings you continue to give us.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon

There were 11581 half marathoners. I was in corral E and as you can see in the picture, the start line isn't even visible. You can see D corral but not, C, B, or A. There were also corrals F, G and I believe H and I.
I've been wanting a shirt with the Hebrews verse about running on it. Loved that this guy had it! Also liked the Philippians verse hanging on the overpass.

Churchill downs was when I really started having a lot of trouble with my knee. It began hurting around mile five and by this time I was in pain!

I completed it. That is about all I can say. I kept hoping the endorphins would kick in, but nope, they didn't. At least not enough to see me through the 13.1 miles. As you can see from my time below, I ended up walking a lot from mile 9 on. I forgot to turn off my Garmin. My official time was 2:45:54 with an average pace of 12:40. Just a tad more than my first half marathon……but I am already talking about doing this one again next year and for us to make a weekend out of it. We can get a room in one of the downtown fancy hotels for a couple of nights. Then Jim can watch from the balcony! And I will be in better shape to blast this time.

Avg Pace


......but this was the highlight of my this little girl!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sweet little family

I have to post some of the pictures of my sweet little family -- my son, daughter in law, and grand baby. I hired a local semi-professional photographer and I think he did a great job.

Baby girl was six weeks old in these pictures. I love that we have a few with her on my quilt.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Call me crazy

You can call me crazy, but that is ok. I love learning and doing new things. I've been on a running journey for the last year and like me with anything new, am pretty obsessed with it. Well, not exactly obsessed. I still only run three days a week, and I do the intervals of running and walking (currently 5/1). I like the thought of encouraging others. If they see me doing it at my age then maybe they will think, "if she can do that at 55, surely I can too." I did my first half marathon about two weeks ago. I am doing another one next weekend! These bodies God gave us are truly amazing.

This race is a big one...the Kentucky derby half marathon in Louisville. And you know what that means??? I get to visit baby girl Emma while we are there....that is the best part! I did my last long run today in preparation. I only did 8 1/2 miles. Before the last one I worked up to 11 1/2 miles, but I just didn't want to push it too much. They say it is better to go into a race undertrained than overtrained.

That looks nasty. I wore new shoes yesterday and had a little blood blister. I didn't even feel it when I was running. Guess it is due to those fabulous endorphins.

It will be a fun run. Very flat so I should be able to beat my last time. We get to run through Churchill downs.

And I get to give this baby doll some Mamaw sugar...



One of these days I'll get back to some quilting.......