One of my favorite blogs, Organizing Made Fun, recommends using baskets to help get you organized.  I picked up a few today and did a little organization in my pantry.  Not a huge difference, but a difference. 

My canned good storage cabinet in my laundry room.

I like to use notebooks with page protectors to organize papers I want to keep such as pictures and descriptions of the quilts I've made, my recipe collection, and essential oil uses.

 I document my quilts via a notebook.  I print a digital image onto a Word document and add text explaining details of the quilt - pattern, quilting design, who for, occasion, and date. Slide the pages in plastic sleeves and put them in a three ring notebook.

Again, this is so much better than the before.  I'll have to start posting before pics.  This is the cabinet underneath my sewing table.  As you can see, this is where I fold, label, and store my leftover pieces of batting.

I use shoe cubbies and modular storage units to store my fat quarters, small yardage pieces, books, patterns, and leftover backing pieces. These units were purchased at Target a few years ago.