Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vienna, Austria

I've been in Vienna this week for work at the IAEA.  Beautiful European city, but I am so glad to be home after 26 hours of travel and no luggage.

The flags inside the Vienna International Centre (VIC)

A view of the tile work on the roof of St. Stephens cathedral.

One of the buildings in a museum complex.  I think this is some kind of library.

Outside the VIC.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's been a while....

It has been a while since I posted.  Work has been terribly busy and I will be leaving on Monday for a work trip.  Once I think I am caught up with BOM's, another month rolls around.  So, here it is almost the end of October, and I have yet to finish my September blocks. The best news I have of late, is my son finally got a job after being out of work for four months!  Praise the Lord!!  He is working an evening shift job which is perfect for his school schedule.

I suppose one reason why I haven't finished my BOM's is that I stopped to make two quilts - the batik one that I've already shown and this little baby quilt, for the soon-to-be-born Henry.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gift Quilt

I made this for a young couple just starting out.  Hope they like it!  Still have to bind it and put a label on it.  I took off work today to try to get caught up with some quilting.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another pic from the race....

This is me and my walking buddy, Donna, with Abby Hamm.  She is the morning news anchor for WBIR television.  She was on hand at the race to speak and give out the awards.  She is very cute and friendly, and about six months pregnant!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


My walking buddy and I walked in the local Lions Club Moonlight for Sight 5k race tonight.  It was lots of fun.  We are so competitive.  They didn't time the walkers but we hustled and finished only behind a couple of MUCH YOUNGER ladies (20 years younger!).  Too bad they didn't time us, we would have finished first in our age groups!

New Project

I love batiks!  I think this is going to be so pretty.

New Project

I had to stop on my batik blocks and now I am feverishly working on a quilt for a wedding shower in two weeks!  I ran out of fabric and thank goodness for ebay!  I was able to order another bali pop and will have it in few days.

I also got good news again.  The followup MRI from my surgery showed nothing!  Yippee. So whatever was there, is now gone.  The doctor still is a little baffled.  The pathology report was not consistent with what we all saw on the prior tests.  I asked him if he believed in prayer!  He said yes, but he was still going to ask the pathologist to take another look.  I celebrated by buying PINK yesterday -- shoes, shirt, sweater, sports bra...afterall October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.