Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow day

I left work early, 'cause I am a chicken when it comes to driving in the snow. Got home, did some laundry, tried to clean my iron, practiced photography, just enjoyed the afternoon.....while my husband was doing donuts in the empty parking lot close to his work. That is, until the police told him he was done. Haha, they even told him, "I'd expect this from a teenager..." Guess they didn't expect a 60 year old man to be out playing in the snow with his 4-wheel drive....oh my....

I read where the Magic Eraser is a good cleaning tool for an iron. I guess I had let my iron get too bad....

That is pretty bad. Don't judge. And after at least ten minutes of hard scrubbing with the eraser....

My arm wore out.

Below, Jesse modeled for me. I am preparing for some newborn photography. Used my 35mm lens set at Aperture setting on 1.8. No flash.

I meant to post earlier about my blog book. I've made three of these now and just love them. Because I use my blog to record all my quilts, projects, and events in our lives, they are priceless to me. I use Blog2Print.

What have you done on this snowy afternoon?


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cold Saturday

I was able to give the latest remembrance quilt to the recipient today. She loved it. It is such a wonderful feeling to know you've done something that was so meaningful to another person. I am glad I get to do this. The shirts were her father's. She pointed out his favorites.

We are anxiously awaiting on Emma Grace to arrive.....

This is my beautiful daughter in law, and baby Emma in her tummy. She is now 38 weeks and hoping Emma will come sooner rather than later. I've been reading up on how to photograph newborns and even ordered two yards of black stretch velvet to use as a back drop for some pictures.

Even though they are almost five hours away, my plan is to head that way as soon as I hear she is in labor. My suitcase is open in the closet ready for the clothes, and toiletries to be thrown in. I've got a few grocery items and some freezer meals ready to take along, and a few more presents for them from some of my sweet friends here. And of course, my camera is charged and ready.

So. Excited. Can. Not. Wait.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Remembrance Quilt

I have finally finished this remembrance quilt. It is the tenth one I've made. This pattern is really good for quilts made from shirts. I've found that a lot of men tend to have the same kinds of shirts. Lots of the same colors. This one works well as long as there is one darker than the rest and one lighter than the rest. This man had a black shirt and a cream shirt that worked.


The gentleman died last year. I made this for his widow and his daughter. I hope they are pleased with it. The pattern is called bricks and stepping stones and can be found free on the Quiltville blog by Bonnie Hunter.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quiet Saturday

Sure is awfully quiet around here with the hubs gone. I finally made it upstairs for a little sewing. I started putting the blocks together vertically then decided to change to horizontally. I'm making progress but it sure is slow.

Even though I am getting a cold I did my long run today. I am a firm believer that colds are spread by viruses, so I didn't think it would hurt anything as long as I felt ok. I think the run did me good. The cold air loosened my sinuses, got my blood pumping and I have felt that good kind of tired after a long run.

I haven't been sick a day since I started running. It is inevitable in the winter months, being around other sick folk, so I'll take my vitamin C, drink honey lemon tea, and maybe some NyQuil tonight.

Going to use some of the leftover Christmas ham tomorrow.....

Hearty soup sounded like a good idea in preparation for the coming frigid weather. Are you doing anything to prepare for the icy temps headed our way?


Friday, January 3, 2014

Cold blustery day

What am I doing on this very cold, blustery day? Lots. The hubby has gone south on a fishing trip and I have a list a mile long to accomplish while he is gone. Today my plans are to do some cooking and freezing. My little granddaughter will be here in five short weeks so I am baking up some dishes for their freezer. When she goes in labor I will take them with me. They won't have to worry about dinner for a few nights when they get home from the hospital. On the agenda today is baked spaghetti....and I will be making enough to also put some in our freezer.

After that, I have some leftover chicken tenders, so I am going to turn that into chicken alfreado for their freezer. Next, I think I'll make some of our favorite breakfast cookies. Then, I'll do some more cleaning out. I still have a box to fill that will go to the area rescue mission. Hopefully, I'll get back on the remembrance quilt later, but it won't be until I get all this extra stuff done. Today is supposed to be my long run day, but I can't bear the thought of trying to do seven miles in single digit "feels like" temps, so I am putting that off until tomorrow. The sun is out and I am rested and ready to tackle the day!