Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quiet Saturday

Sure is awfully quiet around here with the hubs gone. I finally made it upstairs for a little sewing. I started putting the blocks together vertically then decided to change to horizontally. I'm making progress but it sure is slow.

Even though I am getting a cold I did my long run today. I am a firm believer that colds are spread by viruses, so I didn't think it would hurt anything as long as I felt ok. I think the run did me good. The cold air loosened my sinuses, got my blood pumping and I have felt that good kind of tired after a long run.

I haven't been sick a day since I started running. It is inevitable in the winter months, being around other sick folk, so I'll take my vitamin C, drink honey lemon tea, and maybe some NyQuil tonight.

Going to use some of the leftover Christmas ham tomorrow.....

Hearty soup sounded like a good idea in preparation for the coming frigid weather. Are you doing anything to prepare for the icy temps headed our way?


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