Gallery of Quilts

You can click on the picture to bring up a bigger view. I began with hand quilting in 2007, and moved quickly to machine quilting the next year.

Carnival Ride. Published in Summer 2018 Easy Quilts.

 Easy Zipper quilt. 2017. Boy version.
 Easy zipper quilt. 2017.  Girl version.

My first One Block Wonder.  Made from a fall panel. Used three sets of six repeats (18 panels) to cut the triangles for the hexagrams. Finished August 2017. Will be shown in the Spring 2018 Paducah, KY quilt show.

Two Brick quilts.  I am teaching this to our Threads of Love quilting group at our church. Summer 2017

A Kaleidoscope quilt made from a thrifted curtain panel as part of a Threads of Love quilting group project.  Summer 2017

Emerald City published in Fons and Porter's Quilty magazine 2017

Liberty, and original quilt from my block published in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Magazine, Spring 2017

Below is my Around the Blocks quilt, which was renamed to Follow Your Arrow. It was published in Fons and Porter's Quilts from Quiltmaker 100 Blocks magazine in the Spring '17 issue.

 These look identical but there are some subtle differences.  Made them both in Feb. 2017.  One, for the new baby boy of a co-worker, and one for the new grand baby boy of a close friend. I used Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Fox pattern and just added multiple borders.

Scrappy Irish Chain. Loosely following Eleanor Burns pattern. Used Carrie Bloomston's Newsprint fabric for the backing.  Finished February 2017.

White Nights, an original design.  Published in McCall's Quilting March/April 2017. Finished around June 2016.

Kit purchased at a quilt shop in West Yellowstone.  Made for my husband.

This was my block submittal that ended up in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks volume 14 issue, winter 2016.

Sassy Sister was published and selected as the cover quilt for the Fall 2016 issue of Quilting Quickly.

Checkered Past was published and selected as the cover quilt for the Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts July/August 2016

Sun Kissed Shadows was published as a web bonus in the Easy Quits July/August 2016 magazine.

  I was quite busy after the kids' visit in December 2015.  I designed this one from two simple blocks and called it Dandelions.  It is in the July/August 2016 issue of McCall's Quilting.
Original design baby sized quilt.  Fall 2015.

This is the larger version of the pattern I named Edinburgh Square.  Named after the city where my son and his family are living currently.  McCall's decided to use it in the magazine rather than the smaller version.  We will see when it comes out spring of 2016.

My design using scraps to test the blocks.  Sent the picture to a quilt magazine and they are going to publish it!  February/March 2016 Issue of McCall's Quick Quilts. Watch for it!  Finished in May 2015. (I received permission to post pics on the blog)

For a baby girl.  Made from some jelly roll strips and floral yardage. Finished in June 2015.

I made this Remembrance quilt from the shirts of a co-worker's husband.  He passed away in 2014 from Parkinson's.  She brought me the shirts the day I retired.  I finished it in February 2015.  I believe it really touched her heart.
Child's Play pattern.  Easy and quick.  Makes a good size toddler quilt. Finished February 2015.

Easy strip newborn quilt.  This pattern is what we are using for beginners in our Threads of Love quilt ministry class at church. Finished February 2015.

Quilt for baby boy of a co-worker due in March 2015.  Use Allison Harris' pattern in her book Growing Up Modern. Finished January 2015.

For baby Josiah, new grandson of a close friend.  My design. Made from scraps. November 2014.

Baby girl quilt made from scraps.  For a co-workers new baby girl, due in March 2015. Finished January 2015.

Swoon made from thirties fabrics.  Pattern by Camille Roskelley. Summer 2014.

Baby star quilt, for the grandson of a friend.  May 2014.  Quilted with Ebb and Flow pantograph.

Called Fairgrounds, a free Moda pattern.  Used Lori Holt's Daisy Cottage layer cake.  Another one for my new little granddaughter, Emma Grace. Finished in November 2013.

Chevron baby quilt with owl appliqué for my new granddaughter, due in February 2014.

Ring toss.  Fabric and pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson.  Gift for a baby boy.  August 2013

 Another star baby quilt.  This one was made as part of the class I taught at our church for our quilting ministry.  July 2013.

Round and Round pattern by Camille Roskelley.  Wall hangings, one for the office and one for Christmas time.  July 2013.
Toddler quilt from a charm pack and solid grey. Pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson.  Free hand letters applique'd.

"barter" Remembrance quilt.  I made this for the guy who in turn, installed a new kitchen backsplash for me.  It is made from his grandfather's shirts for a gift for his mom.
Free pattern from the Moda Bake Shop website.  Baby blocks. made from a fabric line called Zoofari by Riley Blake.  It will go to the husband's niece.  She is expecting a baby boy this summer also.  April 2013.

Called The Road Trip quilt.  Free tutorial on
This one is for my husband's nephew's wife. They are expecting a baby boy this summer. April 2013.

This was a barter quilt.  My friend started it, but got bogged down.  She worked on our curb appeal, and I finished and quilted her quilt.  April 2013.

Split Decision. Made as a wedding gift for a young couple.  April 2013.

Made from thrifted t-shirts.  Will go to the local Child Advocacy Center.  Finished February 2013.

Scrappy stars.  Made from the multitude of shirts scraps I have. Finished February 2013.
Puppy Love. Pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson.  Made for the daughter of a precious friend for her third little boy.  Finished February 2013.

My first attempt at paper piecing. My simple design. Made with civil war reproduction scraps I had in my stash. Flannel backed. Finished September 28, 2012.

Remembrance quilt.  In memory of Danny Francis.  Made with his and his dad's shirts.  Finished September 2012.

Star Spangled Picnic.  Made from a kit.  Finished September 2012.

Baby quilt. Finished September 2012.
Confetti quilt.  Made from scraps.  Finished on July 4, 2012.

Remembrance quilt for a sweet widow who was married for 73 years to the man of her youth.  Made from his shirts.  Finished July 1, 2012.

Remembrance quilt for our pastor and his wife.  Their 34 year old son died unexpectedly in February 2012.  Made from his shirts and jeans.

Remembrance quilt for a dear friend.  Made from her husband's shirts who passed away from cancer in December 2011.

Remembering a baby boy who died unexpectedly of SIDs in 2009.  Made from his little clothes.

Coin baby quilt made from scraps. 2012
One made from her husband's shirts for a widow.  Remembrance Quilt Ministry 2012
This one was made out of a nurse's scrubs.  It was made for her surviving twin sister. 2011

Civil War Tribute block of the month.  December 2010.

This is the first quilt I made.  Hand pieced and hand quilted 2007

The second quilt from a pattern called Just Can't Cut It.  Machine pieced and hand quilted (in the floor, in my lap). Remember, I am self taught so I didn't do things the conventional way. 2007

My first block of the month.  American Heritage.  I paid to have it quilted. 2008

I did many, many of these little baby size quilts.  Very easy and can be completed in a day.  A free pattern from the National Quilting Day foundation.  I think the year was 2008.

Retirement quilt for a friend.  Hand quilted. 2008

Retirement quilt for a friend.  Hand quilted. 2008

Rachel's Baskets. I started out hand quilting, but it was taking too long.  I ended up machine quilting the log cabin blocks.  The baskets are hand quilted.  Unconventional, I know.

My first attempt at an art quilt.  I used a discharging method as demonstrated by Colleen Wise on an episode of Simply Quilts. 2008

A memory quilt for my mother-in-law.  Her son, was handicapped from birth and attended Easter Seal Camp for over 30 years. 2007

I am calling this one Spring Fling.  The real pattern is called Grandma Mary's Five Patch. 2011


Nine patch on point.  I did the custom quilting. 2011

Made from recycled shirts.  A retirement gift for a co-worker.  I managed to get a couple of his own shirts into the mix, unbeknownst to him until he laid eyes on it at his retirement party. 2011

A special quilt for my special friend.  Made from her husband's, her son's, and her grandson's shirts.  Quilted with a star and loop pantograph. Made from Bonnie Hunter's Strip Twist pattern, found on her blog for free. 2011
Block of the month called Batik Beauty Back to Nature. 2010

Wedding gift for a young couple.  Custom quilted. 2011

Wedding gift.  Presented as a picnic quilt.  Made from recycled shirts. 2011

Wedding gift.  2011

Made from recycled shirts using another of Bonnie Hunter's free patterns from her website.  Given to a charity auction. 2011

Made from my son's shirts, using a free Bonnie Hunter pattern called Bricks and Stepping Stones. 2011

 Made from leftovers.  Wall hanging. 2011

Strip Twist by Bonnie Hunter.  Made as a gift for my son and daughter-in-law from his old shirts, she finally convinced him to let go of. 2011

Fabric and pattern purchased at a quilt shop in Kalispell, Montana on a vacation to Glacier National Park.  Given as house warming to my sister-in-law. 2011

Favorite star pattern.  Given to church auction. 2010

Favorite star baby quilt for little Henry Canup, son of Tyson and Crystal. 2010

Wedding gift for Jared and Andrea Walker. 2010

Made from scraps for my brother.  Custom quilted.2009

Eleanor Burn's log cabin pattern.  Made for my dear friend Tina. 2009

Made from Jim's and Elijah's old jeans.  From a Bonnie Hunter pattern found in one of her books. 2010

Baby quilt for little Aubrie, daughter of Kiril and Nicole. 2010

Made for the couple who provided love and comfort to my husband's family in the passing of his mother. 2010

Made for my son and daughter-in-law as a wedding quilt.  I machine quilted their names and wedding date in the bottom of the quilt. Custom quilted. 2009

Four Patch Fusion by Heather Mulder Peterson.  Custom quilted.  Made for my special friend, Sherry. 2009

Made from the doggie scarves of a dear grandmother's dogs.  After "Mimi" passed away, her daughter had me make this special quilt for the granddaughter Christi, pictured with me.  Christi cried when we presented it to her.  She took it to college with her to remind her of her dear Mimi and her dogs. 2011

Made from a simple kit.  Custom quilted.  For my son. 2009

Boxed Squares, a free pattern from  Custom quilted. 2008

I called this one My First 50 Quilts because it was! A string quilt. 2008

Made for a wonderful friend, for helping us with my son's wedding. 2009

I won these blocks in a block drawing in the quilting guild I used to belong to.  I ended up giving this one to our neighbor who has been so good to keep our place mowed for us. 2008
This one is called Schooling Fish.  It was a free pattern I received in the mail.  One of my early attempts at long arm quilting.  It went to my brother and sister-in-law. 2008
This was a cute little wall hanging I made as a wedding gift for a sweet young couple. 2009
This was a little kit I picked up at the quilt show one year.
Made as a retirement gift for my former boss at work.  Called Leader of the Pack; how appropriate.  All of his co-workers signed their well wishes in permanent markers on the back. 2009
A Thangles block of the month through my local quilt shop. 2009
Made for my walking buddy as a birthday gift. 2010