Friday, May 22, 2015


Today was a long run day. Perfect weather for it.

Really wanted to run over this bridge, but chickened out.

Received some new pictures and videos of my baby girl....

She is growing up so much! 15 1/2 months old already!

Her daddy is awfully happy, but obviously she is not.

After running and getting cleaned up, decided to do a 'What I Wore' pic.

The top is great. It is from Dress Barn. The jeans are Loft jewelled ankle jeans, and I'm wearing my five year old Chacos. I've worn these every summer for five years and they still look great. I really like them but my Teva sandals are more comfortable. Too bad the Teva straps aren't nearly as durable. This is only the second year with them and the straps are fraying. :(


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Old friends get together

Last Thursday night several of my old work buddies gathered together for a meal. It is always fun to be around some of the old folks.....ha. We are all old now, although there were a few that are still working.I've recently gone back to work part time. I think it will be perfect for me. As much as I love my hobbies, I really missed the work and decided full time retirement just wasn't for me....yet.
Also wanted to post this precious Mother's Day photo of my beautiful daughter-in-law and my grand baby Emma. Love these two.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Doll quilt finished

It is just a doll quilt.....not really a mini I would put up anywhere. I know I've got a lot to learn about how to match those little pieces and make sure my seams are straight and even, much harder to do on a small scale.....still, I like the little thing....

I used painters tape to mark straight lines.

And did them crisis cross .

I cut my binding strips 2" and it was still a bit difficult to work with.

Machine bound.


It is about 12 x 12, and pretty rough. So, now I'm determined to make a real mini and improve.


Edinburgh Square

I've named my design Edinburgh Square. Today, after a 5k race (I took third in my age group!) I decided to try to make the pattern into a mini. A few hours later, I have this.......

These little quilts are tough to make. I don't think any of my squares aligned up right. I thought this would make a cute doll quilt for Emma, and I'm sure I have enough scraps to make a toddler size (48x48) in the same colors for her. So she and her baby doll will have matching quilts!

I'm not much for making my grand daughter clothes but I'll sure keep her in quilts!

...and just a quick shot of me and an old friend I saw at the race this morning. She is awesome. She lost over 100 pounds (I think more like 125) a few years ago and has kept it off by being very active, running and hiking.



Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Table Topper

Finished this little thing today from my test blocks. Not sure this is really what I want for a bigger quilt but it is great for a little table topper for our porch table.

I did machine binding on it and I can tell I am getting better at it. Practice, practice, practice..the only way to get better.

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Retirement Quilt Tutorial

I'm excited to let you know my Wonky Star Retirement Quilt tutorial has been published on Bear Creek Quilting Company's blog. They partnered with me to make this quilt. It is my first attempt at a tutorial so I have a lot to learn, but I'm determined!

Go check it out. You might have an occasion that warrants a great memory quilt such as mine, and it really is very easy to make!

If you are visiting me from Bear Creek's website, hello! Thanks for stopping by. You can see most of my quilts in the Gallery of Quilts tab to the left of this page.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Test blocks

After a horrible hot and humid three mile run this morning, I cleaned up and decided to spend the day making a few blocks in my new pattern. What started out as test blocks ten or so hours ago, is turning into two new quilts. Guess my OCD kicked in.

I think this is going to be a 48" x 48" table topper for our screened porch. Three more blocks and then I can sew it all up and quilt it.

The next one -- I like it so much, I might just make it bed sized....

I feel certain I have plenty of blue, teal, and gray scraps to make at least a lap size. Looks like I got a little carried away with my test blocks. That is ok though, I love making quilts from my scraps, especially using my own block design!


Exciting times

Yes, exciting times ahead. I've been playing around with designing a quilt and a new avenue to take my quilting? It is So. Much. Fun. As I mentioned earlier, I have partnered with Bear Creek Quilting Company to do some projects. The projects must be original designs or those which use free fabric manufacturer patterns.

What started with graph paper and colored pencils, ended up in EQ6 by my gracious sister. She is trying to talk me into getting EQ7, and I'm close....

As is my nature, once I get interested in something I go full force, with the sky being the limit. So, in my mind, I've already designed and sold patterns, written a book, had my quilts published in various magazines....haha.

Seriously though, I've made over 150 quilts, isn't it time to branch out in this hobby? My mind is spinning with designs. I have to be learning something new, it is my nature. The thought of designing a quilt, that is uniquely my own, from start to finish, to tutorial, to pattern, to being published in a magazine.....Yes, I think I have something new to put on my bucket list.


Thursday, May 7, 2015


High of 87 degrees, doesn't that mean summer? Well, strawberries say "spring" to me.

One flat of berries from Tidwell's in Spring City = 2 pies, 6 quart bags in the freezer, and 18 cups of freezer jam. Oh yeah, and a few to eat.

The Fisherman and I drove to the Dayton/Spring City area today. They have a big Strawberry Festival every year. Today was when they set everything up. We enjoyed walking around town and going into a few of the downtown stores.

But when we got is hot! The cats say it is the lazy days of summer....


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First day to paddleboard!

It was the perfect day for this.....

Just look how calm the water is....

A little workout, a little relaxing....Then who do I meet on the lake??

The fisherman was doing what he loves......

....while I enjoyed being able to paddle in the middle of the lake with hardly no boat traffic...I do practice safety. Have my life jacket, something to drink, water shoes, and a whistle, all tucked inside the handy cargo net.

This little setup only takes about six minutes to put on and load the board.

I am extra cautious with my phone. I have the Lifeproof case, but I also use this little waterproof case with a neck strap. Doesn't make that great of pictures through it and the sound is a little muffled but that is ok. I normally sit down and take it out when I want to shoot some photos or talk on the phone.

I worked really hard yesterday power washing both porches, all the porch furniture, cleaning all the outside lights, and planting flowers, basil, and tomatoes. So today was a lake fun day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good reward for my labor.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Next project

I'm trying to design my next quilt. I found one block pattern I liked and then have attempted to add a simpler block to alternate. Hope this isn't already a design. I may need to invest in EQ...or at least get myself some coloured pencils to play with.

The hubby wants a new bed quilt. I found the fabric I'd like to use, now to get the design down. What are your thoughts on EQ? Anybody used it to design their own quilts?


Saturday, May 2, 2015

CASA Run for the Child 5k

I won Grandmasters today! No PR but it was my second best time ever.

First time running a race in my new 261 Skirt Sports skirt. Really, really like it.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

What I wore

Today is our anniversary! To celebrate we are going out to eat in Knoxville, and maybe do a little window shopping while we are out and about.
This is about as dressed up as I get these days. Pearls. With white jeans. With another deeply discounted Loft pair of jeans. I think these long tunics are perfect for the over fifty crowd. They camaflouge the inevitable bulges of middle age. Even those of us who are small have them. Just a gentle reminder of a life well lived.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In Retirement everyday is Casual Friday

Another great deal from Loft.

The truth is, no matter how much I love Loft jeans, I'd never pay $79.50 for these "Rip and Repair" ones. But, yes, I'll pay $17.93! I figure they would be good for fishing and yard work. Showing my age here. I know this is a stylish look and I've seen it even on women my age. The frugal me says I like having some trendy pieces in my wardrobe if I can get them cheap!

One thing I've learned since retiring. I have more time to view blogs and pinterest in things that interest me....quilting, running, fashion, cooking.....and more time for online shopping....eek! I'm going to have to go back to work to support my new found online sale shopping!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday run and healthy smoothies

Doing a bit more reading abut Jeff Galloway's running method. Today I did five slow miles at 3/1 run/walk intervals. I am going to try to follow his recommendations for a while. I do think I'll be faster with a more frequent walk break. It was a beautiful day for a run. Sixty degrees, sunny skies.

I've been a fan of protein smoothies for a while now. Today I added some spinach to my regular frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk, and protein powder.

It looked pretty gross, but tasted awesome. I couldn't taste the spinach at all. I'd like to try it with kale too.