Sunday, October 18, 2020

Blowing Rock, NC

 The hubby and I went on a short fall getaway last week.  We traveled through the smokies into Cherokee, NC, and Maggie Valley, to Asheville, and then up to Blowing Rock, NC in the High Country.

We stayed at the historic Green Park Inn.  Established in 1882.
There was lots of history to learn about in the hotel.

Tweetsie Railroad wasn't open, along with several other attractions but we still stopped in for a look.
There were a lot of beautiful churches in the area.
This marina was on the way home.  We had to stop and check it out.  A new lake for the hubs to fish!
I just loved this little home.  With the cute quilt block, and the sign, "Everything will be ok."  Love it.
It was a nice, short trip.  Saw some beautiful scenery and buildings.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ring Cycles Quilt

Finally finished the ring cycles quilt.  It was a super challenge for me.  But it's done and I'm glad.  My granddaughter has claimed this one.  So, I'm sure one day it will be hers.

 My next project will be a memory quilt for a friend from her son's shirts.  After that, I have a couple more projects I'd like to make.

Saturday, September 26, 2020


 The days are passing so quickly.  Our lives are much different than they were a couple of months ago.  With my son and his family living with us now, the house is louder and messier, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)  I want to make this season special for them - a time for them to save up some money, have help with the kids, and support from family, something they've rarely had in the last six years of living in the UK.  I also want this time to be one full of happy memories - pool time, cooking, cleaning, sewing with Mamaw....breakfast with Papaw Jim.....playing outside on the ezyrollers, with Mamaw chasing behind, and lots and lots of pretending.

Working on the school workbooks I found for them at Costco. Big sister helping little brother.  :)
                                        More pretending.......fighting dragons!
                                motorcycle rides with daddy......and his "long horn" helmet!
Lots and lots of lawn tractor rides........
Even amidst the busyness I finished the piecing on the Ring Cycles quilt.  Whew!  Way over my abilities.  It is on the machine and I hope to have it quilted and bound within a week or so.
Those Y seams were so difficult for me and they are very wonky.  I am hoping when done, the eye will be drawn to the big circles and the pretty colors rather than my very less than perfect piecing.  My granddaughter has staked claim to it.  She likes it and that is really all that matters, right?

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


 This is life. Me and my little buddy got to spend a lot of time together on Monday. He was very interested in the machine.

We didn't stay inside. We also played outside riding Papaw Jim's scooter up and down the driveway, over and over and over and over.  Only pulling into the boat garage every couple of trips to sneak a G2 drink out of his refrigerator.  These children have the most beautiful eyes.....

Today he started preschool.  He was so excited. Mommy got a great picture down by the lake while they were waiting on it to open.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Busy Times

 Things are different around here, but I don't mind.  The grandchildren (and their mom and dad) are staying with us for a while.  After six years of living in the UK, we are thrilled. So I won't be doing a lot of marathon quilting in the next few months.  I'm too busy, playing outside, laughing, watching movies, making 'dog pens', giving baths and a whole lot more fun stuff.  They did 'help' me a little in the sewing room the other day.  I let them punch the 'cut thread' button on my machine, and pin up the blocks on the design wall.....

My sweet friend let us come over to swim.  They loved that!

Life is so good.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Ring Cycles

I finished all the 9 patch blocks and worked on the Y seams.  Such a headache!  I worked all day, watched multiple Y seam how-to videos and they still kept coming out "ruffled." It took me seven circles, before I figured out the problem. Seven!  That is what? 35 Y seams!!  The pattern came with a template and also instructions for cutting the setting triangles.  The instructions were not correct. I was having to re-do several seams in each circle taking bigger and bigger seams to get it to lay flat.  I am just very thankful that it finally occurred to me to check the setting triangles I cut, against the template.  They were 3/8" too big. So I'm actually a little excited to try to make a few more tomorrow afternoon, after church, while the hubby naps. They should go together much easier.

Blurry helps to see the rings better.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

New project

Have you ever started a project that you just weren't sure you could do?  I've done that many, many times.  I started one yesterday that I think is awesome but I'm not sure I have the skills to complete it.  I am terrible at Y seams and this pattern has a ton of them. I plan to make oodles of 9 patch blocks (finish at 3") and then I'll either learn how to make Y seams or I'll use them in another pattern.  The pattern is similar, or maybe the exact same as an old one called Jack's Chain.  This one I purchased from Etsy, is called Ring Cycles.

I want to be sure my 'rings' show up, so I am going to make a few with the darker fabric running diagonal through the block, as in the green and orange below.  In the pattern, the 9 patches are all the same two colors. I'm using scraps so I think I might need to help the visual of it some.  Not sure yet.  I may just make some the same and mix them in the bunch too. Who knows what it will turn out like??

Just look at all those Y seams......yikes!

Also done a little painting and hiding this weekend.
Above is my Back to School rock to hide in our local Facebook Rock Club. And below is one I hid in our downtown area yesterday
I continued on the avocado......changing and adding.....

It's been quiet around here the last couple of days.  The kids went to the other grandparents for a few days to visit before school starts.  I miss this little people.  We sure had some fun for a couple of days.I look forward to more of it.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

More Art then a homecoming!

First, just a peek at the ever evolving Avocado painting.  I removed the blueberries, added a marble table top, and worked on the background. Still have some things to do to it....stay tuned.
Now the homecoming!  I can't say just how thankful I am that this little family made it back home safely after six years living in the UK.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Additions to the Avocado

It really isn't a still life of fruit but I just added some other things one at a time.  Maybe I can eventually make it into something coherent.
This is what I love about mess can fix it.  As you can see my apple just wasn't the right shape. So I painted white over the top part to make it better.

Learning to Paint

When I started painting in March, I knew it would be something I'd like but I didn't know just how much I would enjoy it. There is so much information -- pictures and how-to videos -- to teach yourself how to paint. Avocado is my current favorite breakfast (on a piece of sourdough bread), and the thought occurred to me today, that it might be easy to paint.  I googled videos on how to paint an avocado. Here is the result.
I am nuts over shading, shadows, and trying to do texture.  This was a great opportunity to learn more about those things. I also did a little strawberry today.
Non painting news......I have sweet crispy pickles soaking in sugar and spices. I'll probably can them Sunday afternoon. It's an old-timer recipe that I just put up in jars with cardboard liners in the lids, for years. Now I'm a little afraid not to water bath can them.

.....and they have already been taste tested.....yummy.

A few more rocks I've done lately.