Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Filler Technique

I'm trying a new filler technique on my latest project. I like it.

It's a slight variation of the Mctavishing type I did a few quilts ago.

Do any of you have trouble shutting down at night?  Sometimes my mind just won't turn off.  Since I've started trying to design quilts, there are times when the ideas come fast and furious.  Tonight, the hubby was tired and wanted to get in bed fairly early ~10 pm.  I laid there in the dark thinking of designs, quilt names, and came up with some great ideas for a series of quilts. Funny how sometimes it all seems to click together.

So, I got up and quietly snuck my lap top into the extra bedroom....and here I am at 12:42 a.m......after capturing all my thoughts.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Project

It is always exciting to start a new project.  And a good day is one, when you never take off your slippers!  (that means I've spend the whole day inside sewing!)

These little 9 patches are sewing up wonderfully!  Top quality fabric makes a huge difference.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Winner!

Ok, so here's the deal. I picked a winner for the magazine issue give-a-way 10 days ago, but the winner didn't leave her email address nor has contacted me...sooooo I picked another!  Congrats  I will be in touch with you to find out where to send it!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another snow day

Finished the Pixel quilt top.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What did you do on the snowy day?

I was supposed to go in to work yesterday but one of the joys of being semi-retired is having the option not to go in, and not feeling bad about it. So, I stayed in all day and sewed and cooked.

Didn't have chocolate chips but made some cookies using butterscotch and white chocolate chips.  Not quite as good as with milk chocolate chips, but still good.  I don't have a picture of the yummy potato soup I made.

I hope you readers are not tired of Edinburgh Square.  I'm still making those!

I really wanted to see what the pattern would look like made up with a mix of colors and a mix of backgrounds in each block. kind of looks like a pixellated picture to me!  I'm continuing on with it and hope it looks more cohesive when finished and quilted.  
I am reminded of one of the three things Angela Walters says to new quilters, "remember the purpose of your quilt."  This will go for a charity for children or for a baby gift so even if the pattern doesn't pull together when finished, I think most kids and babies like bright colors, so it will be fine.   :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

15k Training

7 miles in the cold. Really felt good though. Love winter running. And messing around with the SnapSeed photo app.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Magazine Winner!!

We have a winner!  I took all those who commented and put them in a drawing.  HandwroughtQuilts won the magazine issue.  I assume you wanted to be in the drawing.  Email me at and I'll send the issue to you.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on Edinburgh Square!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

More Edinburgh Square

I've been preparing some blocks for the next quitting class for our Threads of Love group. I had several blocks already made up in blues/teals/grey scraps, but I wanted to show them what it would look like using only two colors.  I have a baby gift quilt to make and the nursery theme is Marvel Super Heros.  I found some fabric on Etsy and started with a few blocks yesterday.

I think it will turn out cute and match the colors of their nursery.  For a beginner it would be easier to use only two colors than multiple strips.  They won't have a stash to pick strips from.
Although I hope someone in the group will make it scrappy.  I'd love to see one made up with lots of different lights and darks.

If you are visiting from McCall's, remember to leave a comment letting me know you want to be entered for the magazine issue give away! Contest closes January 15th!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Guest Blogger at McCall's Quilting

Today I am guest blogging at McCall's Blog.  If you are visiting from their blog, welcome!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my Edinburgh Square quilt that was published in the February/March 2016 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts.

In case you haven't yet gotten your issue, or would like to win one for a friend or family member, leave me a comment below and I'll enter you in a giveaway for this issue. I'll be closing the contest on January 15th, so give me a shout if you want to be entered.  If you make a version of Edinburgh Square I would LOVE for you to send me a picture at

If you enter, just leave your name and comment.  I'll post the winners name when the contest closes and you can then send me your address for me to mail the magazine to you.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Quilts of Valor Block

There are some beautifully designed Quilts of Valor on the web.  I was messing around with EQ today and thought I'd make my barn quilt design into a block I could use in a QOV quilt design.

That's my little barn quilt on my front porch.

Just changing the green to gold....... to decide what other blocks or sashing I can add to make the quilt design.  I don't want a full quilt of these blocks, since they are pretty intricate.  I like to try to add easy blocks to the design.  I could play with EQ for hours, which is pretty much what I did this afternoon.

Other news....I signed up for the Nashville Hot Chocolate 15k in February.  I need a good race to keep me motivated in running.  The hubby will go with me and we'll make it a little overnight trip, and visit with his twin sister and brother-in-law.

This is the medal. Pretty cool, huh?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Lots of folks really love the Christmas holidays.  Me, I love New Years Day. I love the thoughts of a new beginning, new goals, new adventures. I've been thinking about my 2016 goals.  So far, this is what I have:
  • Create 3-4 new quilt designs (this includes submitting them to magazines)
  • Finish the scrappy wonky star bed quilt (a big goal, been working on it for a few years and can never get the motivation to finish, which is unlike me; the blocks are small and take about 30 minutes each)
  • Make a widow a Remembrance quilt
  • Crochet some slippers or another crochet project
  • Run 500 miles; 3x/week, a few 5ks, a 15k, and one half marathon (this is cutting back from last year; this year I want to focus on maintaining my health, not necessarily any new running goals; included in this is to maintain my weight and my current "no running injuries" status)
  • Read the bible through
  • Read at least 3 book club books and attend at least 3 book club meetings
  • Vacation with the husband
  • Visit the kids in Edinburgh at least once
  • Do an outside project (not sure what - possibly re-paint the faux tile on the screened porch; maybe do a square foot garden; maybe even do a boat garage add on)
I tend to have all to-do type goals but I do want to also have some of another type...
  • Live intentionally
  • Be kinder
  • Try to put myself in others' shoes
  • Age gracefully
2016 is a gift.  Let's make the most of it.  Let go of our heartaches, celebrate our successes, and work as unto the Lord.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Year in Review

Long post, be warned.  I love goals. This is no secret to those who know me well.  How'd I do on my 2015 goals?  Great on some, not so great on others.

2015 Goals:
  • Make three baby quilts for gifts  Check!  I made 5; 3 for gifts and 2 to charity.
  • Make a remembrance quilt for my co-worker Check. From her late husband's shirts.
  • Make a friendship quilt from my retirement blocks Check!  Designed the pattern and it's hanging in my foyer.
  • Run at least 600 miles in 2015 (did 561 in 2014)  Nope. Close, but didn't make it.  I'm at 551 miles as of 12/27/2015, and no, I won't get in 49 miles in the next four days.
  • Run a half marathon, a 15k, and a few 5ks Check!  Ran two half marathons, a 15k, and five 5k's
  • Run faster in 2015  Nope. Not sure I'll ever get faster.
  • Work on a morning routine of stretches, lunges, and planks Nope.  I don't think that lasted a week :/
  • Attend more book club and quilt club meetings at church ?? Not sure if I attended more than 2014, but I did make it to 2-3 book club meetings and most of our quilting group meetings.
  • Continue with daily bible readings (Spurgeon's daily Morning & Evening, Beth Moore's Praying God's Word Everyday, and Jesus Calling) ?? Didn't like what I started with and reverted back to MacArther's daily bible reading. Got a little off in December.
  • Work on being more like Jesus ?? This is a toughie.  Our Sunday School lesson today was about using the power of the Holy Spirit to help us live more like Christ.  I try to do it on my own way too much, and always mess up.
  • Shop grocery sales and cut our food budget ??  I did really well on this until I went back to work in May.  After that, the grocery budget went back to my pre-retirement days.  We have never been ones to eat out a lot, but since I've gone back to work part-time, we eat out more.
How about you?  Do you make goals? I have some for 2016 but I'll save those for another post.

I was very productive in my are some pictures of quilts made in 2015....

I started designing my own quilts and I have one in McCall's Quick Quilts, coming out tomorrow! I have another one scheduled for Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts, coming in 2016.

Here is the recap of my running in 2015.

And I can't end the year without thinking of the little girl who stole my heart. I was able to visit her in March and then enjoyed her visit with us in December. Looking forward to spring/summer, when I'll be visiting them again.

When I look at these pictures I'm reminded of how blessed I am. 

Stay tuned for the 2016 goals and I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes, "Life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change."  You don't like something about your life?  You have the power to change it. I encourage you to seek the Lord and ask for help to change your life.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Hardest Part - picking the quilting design

I do think this is the most difficult part of quilting, especially for one who doesn't feel confident on a long arm.  I should be, I've had mine for over 7 years.  I finished Dandelions and am ready to do the quilting.  This is what I'm thinking of doing.....

The flower shape reminds me of a dandelion. I couldn't figure out what to do in the cross blocks, so I think I'll try the elongated meandering pointing it towards the centers.  I don't want to cover it all in dense quilting, but I'm not sure how this will work, leaving some spaces open.  Once I get started it may change.  That happens sometimes.  Wish me luck!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Original Design Baby Quilt

I don't think I ever showed this quilt on my blog.  It was a little design I put together using EQ, but it was rejected by the magazines.  :(  That's ok, though. I realize it is pretty average.  Still, it was fun to make and I like it.   I'll probably save it for a special baby gift.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sewing Saturday

I ran yesterday and also ran errands so I got to stay home and sew today. I'm not really fond of making half square triangles, but when I do, I use this method and chain piece.
 I also like to use my wooden iron to help with the seams.  Do you ever use one of these?

 This new little quilt I am making has 21 of these star blocks using 16 HST. What was I thinking? I thought it might expedite the process by drawing my lines on a whole lot of blocks to give me a head start on each star block.
...and even as I don't like HSTs, especially this size, 2" finished, I love the way my Dandelion star blocks are turning out.

Lesson learned: when your machine starts acting up....check for lint.  Ummm...duh.
One final thought for the sure is bittersweet when you FaceTime with your 22 month old granddaughter....and she comes close to the computer screen, reaches out, and says "hold you!"  That girl. Oh my.