Saturday, June 16, 2018

Busy, busy weekend!

I made my second farmhouse tray using leftover wood from my king bed project of a couple years ago.  I am in love with these trays.

Finished up the One Block Wonder from the panels purchased at Handcock's.
From this:

To this:

My younger running friend talked me into a 5k race today.  It was so hot and humid.  Thought I was dying.
 She beat me by about 7 minutes and then came back out to run to the finish with me.  Sweet friend!  She was encouraging me to keep it up!
 She won first in her age group, her little boy won first in his age group.  And I got second in mine. Well, actually first, but they gave the first place medal to a woman who didn't do the whole race. I don't know if she didn't realize she didn't do the whole race, or she did and cheated.  They did not have volunteers directing people on the race path, so I'll assume she just didn't know.
Later, fixed a healthy supper for me and the hubs.  He's got to watch his sugar, and I need to watch my cholesterol. Salmon, roasted veggies, brown rice.
Then, because all my sewing is done and I have projects galore waiting on me, and because it was too hot to work outside, I started on the chalk paint dining room project.  Love it so far, but it is going to take me a while.  These chairs have a lot of nooks and crannies and they will take 2-3 coats plus the polycrylic finish.
The chairs are not antiques, but reproductions made in China.  I like them, but wanted to update and give a fresh look for our new home.  Of course, not spending money on furniture (except for paint) was the best motivation to do this project. Can't wait until it is done.

And, I think this is the coolest thing ever......a good friend of ours sent us this picture, taken by his drone. Our new home site.  Footers are poured and everything is ready for the blocks to be laid next week.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Project Recap

Here are more pictures of my finished projects for the he's-gone-on-a-fishing-trip-so-I-can-do-projects timeline.

First was the tub surround using real bead board and wood trim.
A few kitchen science  projects.  Zucchini wraps, home made raw dark chocolate, my own Gentle Sweet blend.

Then did a couple of chalk painting and distressing projects, and I am in love.  Originally the lamps were green, then I painted them black a few years ago, and now white with a little distressing.

Knowing I had only a day left to work in the boat garage, I was inspired to make this tray.  I found a similar one on  Really like all her DIY pieces.
So now, I'm going to just throw this out there......I realize many folks think its horrible to paint 'good' wood.  I understand that, I too, grew up in the era where we stripped all the painted pieces our parents painted.  But, everything kind of circles around, and now painted, distressed, and old looking furniture is very popular.  I love it because it is imperfect, just like me.  It is comfortable, worn, and informal.  So, that being said, here are my plans.  I plan to sand and stain the tops of two end tables, and chalk paint the bottoms, in probably a linen white, or cream. I'll also replace the pulls.
Then, I plan to chalk paint and distress this WHOLE dining room suite of mis-matched pieces.  The chairs are reproductions but I love them. The buffet is an antique but with a chipped veneer top. I think maybe some tan wax to highlight the carvings will be great. I will keep the buffet hardware and reupholster the chair cushions.

Then I plan to chalk paint this TV cabinet and night stands.  The cabinet will be white with some distressing.  I'm thinking I might sand down the tops of the nightstands and stain them something similar to the tray I made, and do white chalk paint on the bottoms.

We will be moving later on this year and I am excited about just taking paint and elbow grease and remaking my existing furniture into something fresh for the new home.

So??? thoughts?  (please, no haters...)

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

More projects than time

Are any of you like me, you always have things in your mind you want to make, do, research?  The wheels are always turning.  While the hubs has been gone, I've painted two lamps with milk/chalk paint (couple of coats of milk paint, but had it too thin, and didn't have more, so I then painted it with chalk paint).

Then, I enjoyed the chalk paint so much, I did a small table.  (I'm practicing for doing my whole dining room suite of mis-matched wood pieces, but shhhh, don't tell the hubs, jk he knows I want to paint it)
 And this pile of wood is going to be turned into a little tray table.  I have a plan, just need some old looking handles, sandpaper, and wood stain.
 In the midst of this, we finally are making some progress on digging the footers.
And I'm also working on a new one block wonder using some panels I bought at Hancock's in Paducah a few months ago.
 The panel was rather small so it will only make a lap quilt.  There wasn't really enough to put together much of a design, so I decided to just randomly put the pieces together trying to mix it up.
I think it will make a springy couch quilt.  I love chalk paint and distressing so much, I'm thinking of painting my black quilt ladder.....robin egg blue would look pretty?!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It's Project Time!!

When the hubs makes his annual trip up north to fish, this girl is busy!  I try to do some projects while he is gone, since I have the house (and garages) to myself.  If interested go here to see my king bed project I did in 2016.  That year I also put some bead board wall paper on top of our cultured marble tub surround.  However, because it is vinyl wallpaper, it was easy for the cat to scratch and mess up.  Hubby soaks in his 'office' aka tub, every morning and one of our cats liked to play around it (with the shoe string hubs uses to tease him).

Anyway, I loved the look and wanted to replace it at some point with real bead board.  So...that was my big 2018 project, while he is away.

Here is a before pic (excuse the mess):

And here is the interim bead board wallpaper pic:
And a pic of the 2018 re-do with real bead board and wood trim:

I think now I need to get a white rug for it.

I hope to have some more projects to show before the hubby arrives back home around June 9th.

Monday, May 14, 2018

News, berries, and old trucks

They aired the segment on my granddaughter meeting Prince Harry.  If you'd like to see it, here is a link.

Today was all about strawberries.  The hubs and I drove to Spring City to get some fresh picked.

All this plus two strawberry parfaits, two containers sliced with sugar, and three bags of cut up frozen berries -- all that from one flat of berries!

I also want to share/document this truck.  Interesting back story here.  My dad purchased this truck for my brother from a government surplus sale in Oak Ridge in 1973 for $300.  It was a 1962 model Dodge panel van.  Sometime later he sold it to the uncle of one of my brother's school mates.  The uncle lived in Ohio, took it there, and totally refurbished it. It won awards.  The uncle recently died at age 93, and his nephew, my brother's school mate, inherited it.  It has come full circle back to our little town.  But wow -- what a cool truck it is now!

I think it's so neat.  I actually hated this truck!  I had to drive it when I first learned to drive.  My dad and brother had painted it yellow!  Yes, yellow, painted with a brush!  So, you can imagine how embarrassed 16 year old me was to drive it.  Ha!

If any of you are old truck/history enthusiasts, enjoy!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Sunshine, running, quilts, and family.

Been loving the wonderful sunshine we've had the last few days.  We are waiting on the surveyor to give the go ahead to dig the footers.  The cut out is made for the crawl space floor. It looks so big!!

He dug between the house and the boat garage and that makes it even look bigger.

Had a bit of a scare today.  Was drying clothes.  Normally a 51 minute dry cycle doesn't always get them dry.  It had been running about 40 minutes and I decided to check them.  The clothes were so HOT I couldn't handle them.  The top of the dryer was so hot I couldn't touch it!  Ours isn't that old at 11 years, but I was hoping to get a new set for the new house.  I hate to spend a lot of money trying to fix the old one at that age.  So we may be drying on the clothes line for a while.  I am definitely afraid to use it now. I like line dried clothes anyway :)

Got in a decently long run today.  It felt great and my heart rate stayed pretty much where it should be for that exertion.
 Finished up the convex quilt and got some ideas on how to quilt it from a long armer at the quilt shop in Knoxville. I hope to get started on the quilting tomorrow.
My DIL sent this picture of their adventures today.  Her best childhood friend is visiting. They are having some fun times.
And speaking of my little granddaughter.......WBIR, the Knoxville (local to us) television station came to our house to interview me last Monday about Emma's meeting prince Harry.  Too bad they couldn't interview her, but time and distance barriers were too much.  It is going to air on the Live at Five at Four show on Monday, May 14th.  I guess that is going to be the Royal week due to Prince Harry's wedding. Honestly I dread hearing myself......I'm sure I'll sound like a country bumpkin!