Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kaleidoscope or One Block Wonder Quilts

If you'd like to read about One Block Wonder quilts, and see some incredible ones, head on over to my website, .  I also talk about a tool I discovered that will help you pick fabric for one of these quilts.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kaleidoscope Quilt

If you have never made a Kaleidoscope quilt, you should head over to my website and check it out.  Such fun to make.  Now I am obsessed with the possibilities of this type of design.  Go to  and see more pictures of this beauty.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

No sewing but having family home is better!

My son and his family traveled to the states for a three week visit!  No, he didn't make it before his grandmother passed away, but between the two of them, they still have two living grandmothers and wanted to see them.
It was so, so good to have them here.  They split their time between parents here and her parents in Memphis.  The hubby only got one day with them before he left for his annual fishing trip, but he managed to take Emma for a boat ride, which she absolutely loved.

Yep, she was 'driving' and 'toot-tooting' the horn.  We played in a little pool and a big pool.

She got to ride a miniature horse, drive a Ranger, and play with new friends.

 Her and her daddy even made friends with our incredibly shy/scared big kitty cat.
....and all of this was just while they were in East Tennessee, she had more adventures in Memphis.  I am so in love with these two children.  And so happy they came to see Mamaw.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

11/2/1928 - 5/4/2017

As she reached the horizon where the sea meets the sky, we said, "there she goes," and she went out of our sight.  But...on the other side, she is just as great and powerful as she is seen coming, where others shout, "there she comes!"  Her size is not diminished, neither her person, or influence.  It's just our perspective from the shore. (paraphrased from the Hospice Little Blue Book)

My mom left this world around 5:30 on Thursday May 4th, 2017.  Yet, on that same day, at that same time, she entered eternity and I'm sure was greeted by the Jesus her savior, my dad, her dad, and other loved ones who had gone on before.

Rest in Peace Mom.  Love you.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Watching and Waiting

This weekend, there has been no sewing. No running. Just watching and waiting.  Waiting for what, you may ask.  My mom was moved to hospice care two weeks ago with heart failure.  She is going down pretty fast.  We were able to move her back to the assisted living with some helpers to sit with her when we aren't here.  Just myself and my brother are available to be near.
I've stayed with her the last two nights and again tonight.  She seems so close. She is 88 and has lived a good long life. We've been blessed that her mind is still sharp.  Even now, although she is weak she still knows us, extended family members, and things that have happened years ago.  A family member dreamed a dream when my Dad died.  She dreamed he was walking up a beautiful path the night he died.  A few weeks ago she dreamed he was walking back down the path. A week or so later, she dreamed he was at the bottom of the path, shuffling his feet as if he was waiting on something.  Then a couple of nights ago, he was reaching out his her.  We feel like the Lord is going to let my Dad escort her to heaven. She is ready and wants to go.  

Death is sacred. A difficult but necessary part of life.  

I hope I have the dying grace she exhibits.  We appreciate your prayers for comfort and peace as she transitions to the hereafter.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

From my son and his family......

From me and the hubby.....

And from Greybeard, one of our cats.......

I hope that you celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Sunday, April 9, 2017


I've not blogged as much in the last year or so as I've done in previous years.  I have a website now for my quilting but I miss the friends I made, who occasionally would comment on my projects.  Last night I pulled out my blog book for 2014-2015 and so enjoyed reading through it.  I'm determined to get back into posting about life - cooking, family, running, quilting, just whatever.  Blogging is a wonderful way to record daily life, and if you print a book from your blog posts every year or so, it will give your children, grand children, or even great grandchildren a look into your life.....

I want to capture some of the wonderful sights my son and his family are enjoying in Scotland.  Here are some pictures they sent recently. I am so thankful they have friends to go on adventures with in their new country.  I believe Katie said this was Sir Walter Scott's home (the "castle house" as Emma and her friend Andrew called it).

Emma and her little adventure buddy.

My beautiful daughter-in-love and sweet baby Haddon, and a family shot.

I worked on a quilt this afternoon.  I'm ready to take the Craftsy class on improving my machine quilting skills.  After doing this for about eight years now, I should be better than I am.  One thing I learned today......don't pick a backing thread without looking through all your thread first.  I picked a grey, thinking I didn't have a navy cone, but I did! The backing was navy and my filler quilting isn't that great.  The bobbin thread showed up a lot more than I would have liked on the backing.
Can't post a full picture yet.  The block is going to be in the next Quiltmaker 100 blocks issue.  I submitted my quilt and they decided to pass on it.  Oh well, win some and lose some.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Race and Vacay

The husband can't really do the beach due to his disability, but he has graciously agreed to go to Siesta Key, Florida for a few days for his wife to enjoy the beach :).  A much needed get away after my half marathon on Sunday.  If you want to read more about my race, head on over to my running blog

We did our "once every 15 years beach trip" and we only have four nights and three days here in Siesta Key.  Several of our friends have raved about this beach and it is very nice.

We were surprised and how hot and crowded it is this early in the season.  We are staying at an older complex but we love the screened porch view.

 I was able to get in a couple of miles walking on the beach, which will be all the beach time I allow this skin.  Then we enjoyed sitting out on the porch people watching and enjoying the breeze.

Cleaned up and ready to go shopping, eating out, and maybe to a movie!

Monday, February 27, 2017

One more little fox quilt

Finished the quilting on the second fox quilt last night.  Very easy and quick.  Makes a great, modern looking baby quilt.

I used the Ebb and Flow pantograph for the quilting.

Machine bound.  I'm getting better at it, and it is just so quick, I have a hard time going back to hand binding.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Little Foxes

Using Elizabeth Hartman's pattern for the foxes, I created this little baby quilt.  Actually, I made two. One still needs quilting.  I love the modern look of it.  Went together really fast too.

Newsprint fabric is just neat.  I love it.

One down, one more to quilt.  Baby showers the next two weeks. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

More of England

I'm sitting in Heathrow now awaiting my flight home.  I am such a homebody, I don't really enjoy traveling. I traveled a bit in my career, not a lot, but enough to see Europe several times. I travel solely to see my grand babies -- which is reason enough.  The kids took me on a day trip to London on Friday. It was a quick trip but I was able to see Westminster Abbey,

 Buckingham Palace, and Parliament...

 Big Ben...

But the real reason why I came is these two......
Haddon is the absolutely sweetest little baby ever.  And Emma, oh my, this girl has such spirit.  We laughed and played.

My love tank was filled to the brim this week, visiting these loved ones.  I am so thankful for the technology to see them on FaceTime, but there is nothing like holding these babies in my arms and feeling their skin, hair, and hearing their little giggles in person.  I am so blessed by this little family.