Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Yes, she did!  We heard that Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan were going to be meeting the public at Edinburgh castle today.  Since it is only about a 15 minute walk from their flat, we decided to go.  We waited over an hour along the road leading to the castle.  Emma was yelling, "PRINCE HAAARRRY!" when he came by. He came over to her and she stuck out her hand to shake his.

Waiting on him to arrive.
 Edinburgh Castle

 One of the news photographers took this picture (below)
He was so kind and sweet to all the people, especially the kids.

 The photo below was on the kensington royal twitter account (there I am in the white hat)
I even got a great photo of his fiancé, Meghan Markle.

Little brother was awake for a bit while we were waiting but fell asleep and missed all the real fun.
What an exciting day!

Sunday, February 11, 2018


I FaceTime with the grandkids regularly as well as sending/receiving videos and pictures, but there is nothing like holding them in my lap or my arms, getting and giving real hugs and cuddles.

They are so good with each other.  Emma really cares about her little brother and often says things like, "he is just so cute!"  Haddon wants to do whatever she is doing.
 Although it was really cold yesterday, we stopped by the park on our way home from getting lunch.  The kids don't mind the cold.
 But as you can see, Mamaw was all bundled up.
This fella doesn't go far without his paci.  Emma was in the floor, and here he came....

My little loves.....

Friday, February 9, 2018

Traveling Abroad

Time for another visit across the pond to see the grands.  So, I'm off to Scotland!  It's been a great week.  My son finished all his work, defended his dissertation, and has achieved the status of Dr.  I am so proud of him my heart wants to burst.  Evidently he did outstanding on the defense.  He has some strong job leads, which I know relieves a lot of his stress.  Emma, my granddaughter was in nursery, when her Momma and brother met Daddy for lunch to celebrate.

 Another celebration will be held tomorrow for this little beauty.....she turns 4.  Hard to believe.  She had a little party with friends today.

It included playing on the playground, watching trains go by, and a hike to the castle.

We will celebrate her a actual birthday tomorrow.  Mamaw has some presents in her luggage!  She told her momma she wanted haggis for her birthday meal.  Seriously?  She is a true Scottish lass.  Actually, all the family love it.  My son is so picky, if he likes it, I'm sure I will.  I'm excited about trying it.  She told me she would share her birthday cake with me, too.  I'm sitting in Newark as I type, awaiting the last long leg of this trip.  I hope to make it in time to wake her and brother up in the morning......

On the quilting front, I am working on a pretty unique quilt for a magazine.  They sent me the fabric and I think I've got the layout about as good as I can make it. Tentatively it is set to be published in a late fall issue.  I'll wait until I know for sure they like it before I say too much.  Like I said it is rather unique.
Here's a sneak peak.....

Friday, January 12, 2018

Home project

The hubby is away in warm Florida fishing for two weeks.  He is missing all this nasty cold weather. I normally do a project while he is gone.  This time I didn't really have any plans.  I did take a big load of stuff to the KARM store. I've been doing lots of research on cabinets, counters, windows, doors, appliances, paint, tile, ...you name it.  Anything to do with building a new home.  I've decided I want some kind of privacy glass in our front door.  Let's light in but distorts the image from the outside. A friend told me about some vinyl stuff you can put on glass.  Easy to apply and remove.  Thought I would try some out.

Not a huge difference but I like it.  My cabinets are just too messy for clear glass.  We use these for all the dishes we use. This is definitely an option to consider when picking glass for a front door or new kitchen cabinets.  I think I've picked my counters.
 This is a Quartz by LG called Aria.  The overall look is very light but a little warm.  It has whites, creams, beige, grey, greige, black and some tiny little blue glass bits in it. I am hoping it will look good with a creamy white cabinet.

 One of the things I do better at when the hubby is gone, is eating.  I've been trying to lose about 5 pounds for 5 months. I am logging all my food in My Fitness Pal.  Not sure what I've suddenly started doing different, but this month, it happened.  I lost over 4 pounds this month for a total of 5.8. I am happy about that and may try to drop 2-3 more.  I have been trying to get in my required steps at least 5 or 6 days a week. Cooking more low carb recipes, not eating bread like I used to.  Still eating my sweets. I'm into Harney and Sons Earl Grey tea right now.  So yummy with a tsp of sugar and half and half cream.

I hope to sew a little while Jim is gone.  It will probably be too cold to do much else tomorrow.  Hopefully I can stay off the internet and get some sewing done.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Wow, 2018.  I remember when my son was young, thinking how old he'd be at the turn of the century (he was born in 1985).  I remember Y2K, and the fears some had of power outages, etc.  The days may be long but the years fly by. I will turn 59 in a few days, and am having a hard time wrapping my head around that number.

I've not been out of the house much in the last five days.  A run Friday, church Sunday, our friends house Sunday evening to ring in the new year. I'm kind of ready to go back to work tomorrow....except it is supposed to be 11 degrees with a feels like of 4 when I am making that 1/2 mile walk into the work area.  Goodness gracious!  I dread that.  There will be wool socks, running pants under jeans, two tops, down coat, gloves, scarf, ear muffs, and hat.

Piddled around here today. One project I've been wanting to do is get rid of all the oils and chemicals my son collected when he worked at a laboratory about 10 years ago.  I sent him pictures of the chemicals and he told me how to dispose of them. The oils, he wasn't quite sure.  I don't know if they are still good for use in cooking, but there is so much of them....The lavender seems to be a bit different than what I usually use, so I am a little afraid of it. I think these are industrial strengths.

So I've still got to figure out what to do with these.  However, the shelf is cleaned out.....

We had food and games with out friends for New Year's Eve.  Ha-- the girls won all the games!  These are the looks of defeat.

I reviewed my last few years running goals, and am very happy with 2017's milage, but I'm setting the goal a little lower for 2018.  Not sure if it will be 400 or 500 miles.  We are going to be super busy with building and I don't like having goals I can't meet.  I'm just not sure I'll have to time to always run 3 times a week.  If not, that means I'll have to focus more on healthy food, for sure.  I do want to stay in shape.  That might look a little different this year.
2018 is going to bring lots of changes for our family.  We are praying for a job for my son, which will mean a move for his family.  We plan to build a new home, and sell our current one.  Lots of decisions to make, products to see, pick out, buy.

This is probably the first year in many, I've not already got my goals defined for the year.  I've only half heartedly thought about them. They seem much simpler this year. More general.

--sell the house
--build the new house
--do some quilting and designing
--continue my running
--continue working part-time
--a few visits with the kids/grandkids
--be a little kinder, a little more compassionate, intentional in my friendships, a better wife, mother, grandmother, friend, sister, employee.

Do you have goals for 2018?  Share with me!


Friday, December 29, 2017

DIY Gingerale

Ever made ginger ale?  I found a recipe online and have made the 'bug' or starter.  This evening I made the ale.  It is supposed to sit out for 2-3 days get fizzy, then you can put in in the fridge indefinitely.  It isn't that bad flat.  Can't wait to see if it actually does fizz.  The starter was a little fizzy but I'm not sure it was enough before making the ale.

Time will tell.

UPDATE:  Nope, the ginger ale never got fizzy. I don't think my starter had gotten yeasty enough.  I think I'll try again later in the year when it is warmer.  Maybe it was just too cool in the house to let it do it's thing.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day, celebrating the birth of our Lord. Ours was very low key.  Our Christmas Eve dinner with my brother and family was cancelled because they had been fighting the stomach bug.  We saw Darkest Hour on Saturday night and last night we watched It's a Wonderful Life and White Christmas, and parts of A Christmas Story. Slept in today, visited our friends with the four children at home, then took off in search of a place to do some target shooting.

We found a place on the Catoosa Wildlife Management area about 50 miles away, but it was a nice drive.  Not many out today on the roads.  Our Christmas present to each other was a Henry .22 lever action repeating rifle.  The reason?  We had, what we believe to be, a coyote snatch our big lovable cat early last week.
This makes the third cat lost this way since we've lived in this location (15 years).  Our neighbor told us he had heard several and seen one.  There are too many around here, so I hope to eliminate at least one.

Not bad!  We set our targets about 30 yards away.  I'm ready for that varmint!

On a lighter note.....Merry Christmas from our little family in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Miss them so.


Saturday, December 23, 2017


Don't you just love the newer, imperfect types of calligraphy people are doing?  I sure do.  I wanted to take some cookies to my neighbor.  Just a small gift to let them know we were thinking of them. I pulled some images off google and did this on a gallon Ziplock bag.

I don't think it's too bad for my first try!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Little but hearty breakfast and other musings

My breakfast for years has been a piece of homemade honey wheat bread and various toppings - butter and jam, cheese, peanut butter and honey.  As I age, I'm finding it is SO EASY to gain weight so I am trying to eat a bit, just a bit, more healthy.  I am, by no means, a foodie, or health and fitness nut, although I am trying to keep my weight down and exercise regularly.

Anyway, I've found something that I love for breakfast.  On my workdays I get up at 4:30, have coffee/tea and breakfast, then head to work.  By 8 I'm starving.  Since I've started this, I don't get hungry until about noon.  That means no morning snacking. I like that.

Mamaw's Oatmeal (named by my granddaughter, who also loves this recipe)

1/4 cup quick cooking oats
1/4 cup milk (and a dash more, of milk or water -- just a tad thick with only 1/4 cup)
Microwave for 1 minute
add 1 Tablespoon of peanut butter (or almond butter)
add about 1 1/2 tsp (almost a T) of Nutella

Stir and eat.  Lately I've also been adding about a 1/2 tsp of coconut oil, to add a healthy fat.  It doesn't make much, but 1/2 cup was too much for me.  This is the perfect amount, for me anyway. And definitely use milk rather than all water.  It is creamy and tastes just like a chocolate oatmeal drop cookie.

Quilting -- I've been asked to make another one block wonder quilt for a magazine!  Yay! So I am looking at various panels, thinking they have the best variation.  Here are a couple I'm considering.  I like one with light, dark, and colors.  The first has a lot of light, which could be good.  The second doesn't really have dark, but I thought the blue and green would make a nice contrast.  If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say One Block Wonder, check this out...

In other news, I received some great pictures from my daughter-in-law.  They took another trip to the highlands and recreated a scene from the James Bond movie, Skyfall.  Although I am not a movie buff, I thought this was neat.
They also posed in the same location as a scene from a Monty Python movie.
They are having such great adventures in Scotland.

Another topic-- anyone have bees?  One of my co-workers retired and is now into bees and has enough honey to sell.  He is using the Flowhive.  I want to do this so bad!  The hubby has said when we get in our new house, with it's big lot, I can have a hive. I know there is lots to learn and it isn't easy but it is so interesting and you get your own local honey!
 The picture below is of me in the early 90's.  My DIL made my day yesterday.  My sister had posted the picture on Facebook and when my DIL saw it she was "weirded out" because she felt like she was looking at an adult Emma (my granddaughter).  Well, goodness gracious, that certainly made my day!  I think she does look like me, but she definitely has her mother's smile and chin.

That's about all I know for today.

We still don't have a Christmas tree up yet......is that bad?  No kids to enjoy it, don't have plans for a Christmas get together here either......