Saturday, September 28, 2013

For Kitchen burns

I am sold on this stuff.....

Lavender. It is good for lots of things -- calming, bug bites, laundry freshened, mattress freshened and I am sure there are many, many more uses for it. I found one and am amazed at the results. You know when you reach in your oven and the mitt/dish towel slips a little and your hand or finger touches the hot rack? Ouch! Then you have that stinging burn and every time for a day or so when water hits it it burns again? No more. One drop of lavender right after you burn yourself. Amazing. Try it.

Ever used essential oils? What are your favorite uses?


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time to change out quilts

It is time to bring out the fall quilt for our bed....

...and yes, that is a Christmas quilt that will be underneath the fall one. Might as well get prepared for the upcoming seasons!

Do you change out your quilts with the seasons?


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

...a few more Sequoia trees....

This is General Sherman..... a huge stalk of


More of Yosemite

Another day of picture taking......

Picture taking of picture taking....

We visited Mariposa Grove and saw the huge sequoia trees.

Many of them had burn scars, such as the "clothespin" aptly named.

We got to drive through following the little tour tram. This shows how massive these things are.

We are inside the Telescope tree. The inside died but the outer layers are still thriving.



Monday, September 16, 2013

More of Mammoth

We decided to hang around Mammoth Lakes today rather than go back into Yosemite. It was a fun day. We did some shopping (great end of season buys) downtown, then headed towards Devil's Postpile National Monument after a detour around another lake and the Mammoth Mountain ski area.

The little chipmunk was the only wildlife of the day.

Devil's Postpile -- a columnar basalt formation (lava)

This was an neat boat/flotation device used by a fly fisherman.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mammoth Lakes and Bodie, CA

After a drive around Lake Mary in the Mammoth Lakes area.......

We made the long treck to see the abandoned gold mining town turned historical state park, Bodie, CA.
Kind of an interesting little place. Once boasted 10,000 residents, in 1879, but that didn't last long. Mining for precious metals continued until WWII, but the town had gone down significant by then. It was totally abandoned in 1974.
...and many items were is littered with old metal and glass. You can see items left inside some of the buildings with decades of dust....

Being an official state park, it did have a store/museum with a real life prospector turned park ranger...

I guess it is one of those places you visit to see a little of our American history.....


Yosemite/Mammoth Lakes Vacation

We are off on our annual September vacation. The hubby earned some travel bucks to fund us again this year. So thankful for that perk of his job. We chose Yosemite, despite the recent rim fire. Our hotel of choice, actually a Bed and Breakfast, experienced smoke damage so at the last minute we had to change our lodging plans. We are staying sooooo far away from the park.

El Capitan. It was huge and beautiful.

Yosemite was very dry, and we haven't seen any wildlife, except for the one very friendly doe.

This little girl was used to being fed. She walked up within three feet of us hoping for a snack.

...and a few pictures of the awesome running trail I went on this morning in Mammoth Lakes.


That was a nice treat, although I wasn't use to the incline nor the altitude.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spa quilt

I think the colors are soothing in this one, and since it is in the bathroom, I'm calling it my spa quilt.

Pebbles are tiring to quilt....

Another project I made many big UT fans around here, I thought it might go over well at our church auction tomorrow.

....Jim and Jesse enjoyed the afternoon....together....