I get a thrill from creating things homemade - from canning, to cooking, crafting, soap making, cleaning products, laundry soap, hard lotion bars, bow ties, snowflakes, pillows, even faux tile. If I can find the "how to" on the internet I am likely to try it.

Chicken Crust Pizza- YUM!
 Apple Butter

DIY king size Farmhouse style bed
Finished king size bed- my first woodworking project 
Beadboard wallpaper on tub surround

Privacy screens

DIY Air Conditioner

I saw this on a YouTube video and just had to try it. My sewing room upstairs gets pretty hot in the summer time, unless we keep the AC on "ice" downstairs.  You use 1 1/2" ID PVC pipe pieces, a five gallon bucket with lid, either a form styrofoam bucket liner (I couldn't find one), or other insulation, a small desk type fan, and frozen water in a gallon milk jug.

Use a 2 1/4" circular drill bit to cut the holes (easy).

Then I used the rolled foam to put a few layers inside.  I think I did three, then another three layers above that.  Taped them together to hold them in place with duct tape. I also put 5-6 layers in the bottom.  I cut the insulation around the holes and then sealed up around the holes with the duct tape. (easy)

You cut a hole in the lid of the bucket to fit the fan.  This was difficult.  I used a utility knife but it took some time and was hard to do.  Drop in your gallon of frozen water and wallah!

It said "make a $454 air conditioner for $15"....well, not exactly.  The air blowing out isn't as cold as an air-conditioner but it is cool.  My cost for everything was $34 tax included.  It was about $5 for the bucket and lid, $2 for the PVC, $10 for the fan, $9 for the circular bit, and $6 for the foam insulation. My friend thought a styrofoam minnow bucket might work too in place of the styrofoam bucket liner and may be easier to find, especially this time of year.  I turned it on last night around 9, and ran it until about 2-3 am.  When I turned it on this morning around 8:30, I noticed the air was still cool.  The ice had hardly melted, so I think my insulation may have worked better than the styrofoam bucket liner.

So, there you have it!  I do plan to use it upstairs or for the hubby in his boat garage in the summer.