Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Exciting News!

I have some awesome news to share......one of my quilts is going to be featured in McCall's Quick Quilts magazine in the Feb/Mar 2016 issue! Woo-hoo! I'll be sharing more about that in the future. A dream come true for this quilter. That is why I have been working with EQ lately. I have big dreams for some more quilts. I'm also partnering with the great folks at Bear Creek Quilting for another project. A BIG project - a 96x96" queen size. I must have it finished with the pictures and tutorial sent to them by September 1st. Can I do it? I think so, the tutorial is all finished except for adding the actual progress and finish photos. Just gotta get sewing and I won't have the fabric for a few more days.

Exciting times ahead!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A finish!

I finished the quilting on the small quilt. I suppose I will use it for the baby girl gift, but I did purchase her some little pink outfits. She is coming into a family with four brothers so she needs some pink.

Loops and stippling for the quilting.


In other news....we had a couple of wild visitors last night.

Inside the garage! I opened the door for him and he finally went out. Then on the screened porch a little beggar looking for cat food.

Today Mr. Slithers was still "hanging" around. We believe him a rat snake and since we like rats less than we like snakes, he gets to live.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Love my Monday's off

Yep, I do. Love not working on Mondays. I spent the morning doing stuff for mom and then really needed to get outside. It was too hot and humid to run, but perfect for paddling. Put in between the bridges and took a nice trip along the edge up the river.

Paddled by the steam plant. I could hear the cyclic hum of the power lines. Saw some beautiful homes along the banks. I was trying to figure out where these houses were, so I took out my phone and looked on google maps. The blue dot is about where I turned around. It took me approximately 35 minutes to paddle there from where I put in between the bridges.

...and this was my view on the way back. It is always neat to go under bridges. Hardly no boats in the water today. I figured all the beautiful lake homes are owned by older folks who can't get out to enjoy them, or younger folks who work during the week. Not many people out enjoying their lake. Glad I was able to.

Good day off celebrating the first day of summer.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Here is a picture of my dad and the four of us kids. I'm the little one at the top. I was about three.

My dad was a hard worker, an inventor or sorts, and from what I remember always happy. There were rough times no doubt, but he always had a positive attitude. Some of my favorite memories -- he would lay in the floor and raise an arm, which ever kid was in the floor would push the arm down, and then a leg would go up. We played this game lots. When he got older, and couldn't walk very well, he would get in his scooter and ride down their road singing hymns. Always happy.

And another good daddy.....my son. He loves his little girl.

Did some sewing today. I need a baby girl quilt in a week. Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself about making quilts. I bought some fabric at the quilt show not knowing what I was going to do with it. Receive an invitation to a baby girl shower yesterday. I thought I'd use it but I'm afraid it doesn't look much like a baby quilt.

That's the thing about quilting...you put so much time, effort, and money into making a quilt but sometimes it just doesn't turn out as nice as you'd like. Sometimes all your hard effort isn't appreciated. Not sure if I'll give this one for the baby girl or save it for a donation at another time.

One more of my Daddy. Guess I got my wild hair from him...lol

And just because I think the porch looks nice on this first day of summer.......



Friday, June 19, 2015

Adventure Day

When we retired we had planned on having an adventure day each week. That was a little ambitious. Maybe every two weeks or maybe once a month would be doable. Anyway, today (after about four months of retirement) we took our first adventure day.

We went to the Crossville quilt and tractor show. Had a great time!

Jim was a good sport while I walked around looking at the beautiful quilts.

This was a favorite. Made of 1 1/2" squares. Isn't it neat how she used squares around the outside of the wreath to be like real greenery? And the darker red to give depth to the ribbon. Just beautiful.

We walked through the antique tractors and equipment. Took a ride in a Kabota four wheeler through a display of old trucks, and enjoyed a nice conversation with a local farmer and his son. Bought some homemade fried pies and kettle corn. Stopped at the outlet shops for a little shopping before we headed home. A fun day.

I told him we needed to make a bucket list of Tennessee "must see" places and events and do a bit better about planning our adventure days. Life goes by fast. We need to be making memories.



Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer projects before and after

So today is the day the fisherman comes home. Yay! I've missed him. It sounds like they have had a fabulous two weeks. Great weather, lots of fish. Even had wifi in the cabin so we were able to FaceTime several times while he has been away.

Thought I'd do a summary post of all the projects I've done while he was gone. First up, and the biggest in my book....the garage. Dramatic difference.

I had already started tossing stuff before I made the top picture. Got rid of a lot, hired out the painting, purchased new storage containers. I love it. So clean. I am hoping I can keep it this clean. Next up the living room...

I've been wanting to replace the recliner and couch for a couple of years now, to something more neutral. I like change and I like to change out quilts and pillows for the seasons. I also painted the lamps black. The old furniture went to a pastor and his wife. They returned from Brazil as missionaries a few years ago and have had to start from scratch. No home, no car, no furniture. It blessed my heart to bless them with it.

...then the dining room. I'm very happy with the beadboard wallpaper.

It brightened up the dining room. Love that stuff. I'd like to put up more.

Then because the old, old fridge in the boat garage bit the dust, we replaced the refrigerator in the kitchen and moved the old one to the garage. I didn't think I wanted stainless but we got a great deal, only in stainless. Very happy with it now.

And, I believe this is the last project. I've been wanting to make a barn quilt for my front porch, but I just hadn't slowed down enough to do it. One of my friends from church makes these so I commissioned her to make us one. I designed the block and picked the colors. It is 20"x20". I like it on the front porch but I may end up putting it on the screened porch, where I can see it more often.

I'm very happy with it. My friend and I snagged the little antique table at a flea market yesterday.

And just in case you thought I hadn't been busy enough, I ran 6.2 miles this morning.....I did a virtual race sponsored by Skirt Sports.

All of this in two weeks, and I worked 55 hours in these two weeks. The Lord blessed me with boundless energy, or at least a goal oriented mind. I love lists and I always start my "stay at home while he is away fishing" time with a good long projects list.

Not sure I mentioned it here but I did go back to work part time. I'm really enjoying my new job.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Threads of Love Quilting Ministry

Here are a few of us in the quilting group at our church, with some of our baby quilts we made for Newborns in Need.

Most in the group are beginners. The pattern we chose to teach was a good one to start out with.



Saturday, June 6, 2015

A little this and a little that

Yesterday was not as productive as I had hoped but I made up for it today. I ran five miles in the horrendous heat and humidity this morning. Took my Nunn water with me, had a GU (salted caramel with caffiene, yum) at mile 3. Both helped me to complete the five.

As I ran over the little pedestrian bridge, I saw this duck taking a rest. After running I finished washing the windows in the garage and even mopped the garage floor. That was a first.

I am so pleased with how the garage update has gone.

After a rest, I took the paddle board out ...

I went a little past the bridge today. There were lots of boats out so it was pretty choppy, but still great to get out.

So I've had a very busy active day, just the way I like them. So thankful I can work hard at playing.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

What I wore

I'm no fashion blogger, but with the advent of Pinterest and Instagram I find enjoyment in seeing what's in style and what women my age are wearing. Here is a comfy outfit I wore to work today.

The top, skirt and necklace were finds from JCPenney, and all on sale last weekend. One thing I've noticed at work. The ladies of all ages are wearing maxi skirts and really look good in them.

I love wearing long skirts. I'm very fair skinned and don't really like self tanners. I come from the generation of sun bathing "gotta get a tan" girls, so my basic instinct is to hide my white legs. However, one thing I'm finding as I get older.....things about my appearance that used to bother me, don't so much anymore. Maybe I'm realizing my value to God, just the way I am, sins and all. Maybe age brings confidence.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Garage before and after


New paint job, hauled off a bunch of junk, and new storage units from Lowes. I still have to clean the windows and blinds but it should be a much more pleasant job since everything else is so clean. I'm a bit on the fence about the paint color, although anything would be a improvement over the yucky greenish tan. It is a light gray. It is definitely too light for the ramp. I plan to repaint it in a dark gray/charcoal color. Still a couple of boxes I'd like to get rid of....a Christmas tree, but since we have no attic, have to store it somewhere.

I'll have a couple more before and afters in a few days.