Saturday, June 6, 2015

A little this and a little that

Yesterday was not as productive as I had hoped but I made up for it today. I ran five miles in the horrendous heat and humidity this morning. Took my Nunn water with me, had a GU (salted caramel with caffiene, yum) at mile 3. Both helped me to complete the five.

As I ran over the little pedestrian bridge, I saw this duck taking a rest. After running I finished washing the windows in the garage and even mopped the garage floor. That was a first.

I am so pleased with how the garage update has gone.

After a rest, I took the paddle board out ...

I went a little past the bridge today. There were lots of boats out so it was pretty choppy, but still great to get out.

So I've had a very busy active day, just the way I like them. So thankful I can work hard at playing.


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