Monday, June 22, 2015

Love my Monday's off

Yep, I do. Love not working on Mondays. I spent the morning doing stuff for mom and then really needed to get outside. It was too hot and humid to run, but perfect for paddling. Put in between the bridges and took a nice trip along the edge up the river.

Paddled by the steam plant. I could hear the cyclic hum of the power lines. Saw some beautiful homes along the banks. I was trying to figure out where these houses were, so I took out my phone and looked on google maps. The blue dot is about where I turned around. It took me approximately 35 minutes to paddle there from where I put in between the bridges.

...and this was my view on the way back. It is always neat to go under bridges. Hardly no boats in the water today. I figured all the beautiful lake homes are owned by older folks who can't get out to enjoy them, or younger folks who work during the week. Not many people out enjoying their lake. Glad I was able to.

Good day off celebrating the first day of summer.


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