Thursday, June 4, 2015

What I wore

I'm no fashion blogger, but with the advent of Pinterest and Instagram I find enjoyment in seeing what's in style and what women my age are wearing. Here is a comfy outfit I wore to work today.

The top, skirt and necklace were finds from JCPenney, and all on sale last weekend. One thing I've noticed at work. The ladies of all ages are wearing maxi skirts and really look good in them.

I love wearing long skirts. I'm very fair skinned and don't really like self tanners. I come from the generation of sun bathing "gotta get a tan" girls, so my basic instinct is to hide my white legs. However, one thing I'm finding as I get older.....things about my appearance that used to bother me, don't so much anymore. Maybe I'm realizing my value to God, just the way I am, sins and all. Maybe age brings confidence.



Susan said...

What a wonderful outfit! I love the color combination. I would never had dreamed of wearing these colors myself, but you pull it off beautifully.

Rachel said...

Thank you Susan!