Friday, June 19, 2015

Adventure Day

When we retired we had planned on having an adventure day each week. That was a little ambitious. Maybe every two weeks or maybe once a month would be doable. Anyway, today (after about four months of retirement) we took our first adventure day.

We went to the Crossville quilt and tractor show. Had a great time!

Jim was a good sport while I walked around looking at the beautiful quilts.

This was a favorite. Made of 1 1/2" squares. Isn't it neat how she used squares around the outside of the wreath to be like real greenery? And the darker red to give depth to the ribbon. Just beautiful.

We walked through the antique tractors and equipment. Took a ride in a Kabota four wheeler through a display of old trucks, and enjoyed a nice conversation with a local farmer and his son. Bought some homemade fried pies and kettle corn. Stopped at the outlet shops for a little shopping before we headed home. A fun day.

I told him we needed to make a bucket list of Tennessee "must see" places and events and do a bit better about planning our adventure days. Life goes by fast. We need to be making memories.



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