Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer projects before and after

So today is the day the fisherman comes home. Yay! I've missed him. It sounds like they have had a fabulous two weeks. Great weather, lots of fish. Even had wifi in the cabin so we were able to FaceTime several times while he has been away.

Thought I'd do a summary post of all the projects I've done while he was gone. First up, and the biggest in my book....the garage. Dramatic difference.

I had already started tossing stuff before I made the top picture. Got rid of a lot, hired out the painting, purchased new storage containers. I love it. So clean. I am hoping I can keep it this clean. Next up the living room...

I've been wanting to replace the recliner and couch for a couple of years now, to something more neutral. I like change and I like to change out quilts and pillows for the seasons. I also painted the lamps black. The old furniture went to a pastor and his wife. They returned from Brazil as missionaries a few years ago and have had to start from scratch. No home, no car, no furniture. It blessed my heart to bless them with it.

...then the dining room. I'm very happy with the beadboard wallpaper.

It brightened up the dining room. Love that stuff. I'd like to put up more.

Then because the old, old fridge in the boat garage bit the dust, we replaced the refrigerator in the kitchen and moved the old one to the garage. I didn't think I wanted stainless but we got a great deal, only in stainless. Very happy with it now.

And, I believe this is the last project. I've been wanting to make a barn quilt for my front porch, but I just hadn't slowed down enough to do it. One of my friends from church makes these so I commissioned her to make us one. I designed the block and picked the colors. It is 20"x20". I like it on the front porch but I may end up putting it on the screened porch, where I can see it more often.

I'm very happy with it. My friend and I snagged the little antique table at a flea market yesterday.

And just in case you thought I hadn't been busy enough, I ran 6.2 miles this morning.....I did a virtual race sponsored by Skirt Sports.

All of this in two weeks, and I worked 55 hours in these two weeks. The Lord blessed me with boundless energy, or at least a goal oriented mind. I love lists and I always start my "stay at home while he is away fishing" time with a good long projects list.

Not sure I mentioned it here but I did go back to work part time. I'm really enjoying my new job.


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