Saturday, June 27, 2015

A finish!

I finished the quilting on the small quilt. I suppose I will use it for the baby girl gift, but I did purchase her some little pink outfits. She is coming into a family with four brothers so she needs some pink.

Loops and stippling for the quilting.


In other news....we had a couple of wild visitors last night.

Inside the garage! I opened the door for him and he finally went out. Then on the screened porch a little beggar looking for cat food.

Today Mr. Slithers was still "hanging" around. We believe him a rat snake and since we like rats less than we like snakes, he gets to live.



Dolly said...

Yikes ! on the snake.....I had my own slithery visitor this month, and I am careful how I enter my shed far, no more sign of another visit.

But now to what really caught my eye ! That quilt is scrumptious ! I know you didn't think it was girly, but OH GIRL, it is gorgeous ! This girl would love it, and I betcha that one (and her mommy) will too !

Dolly said...

By the way, I may want to 'borrow' this design, actually for an expected great nephew, if you don't mind. But I don't know how I'll come up with such a great 'focus fabric' !

Heide said...

Oh yikes! I think the possums are creepier. Their glowing eyes always creep me out.
Your quilt is adorable. What perfect fabrics and even in the blue and green still very girly! LOVE it!!!

stitch quilt knit said...

Your quilt is so simple and beautiful, the borders brings out the stripes. Love the quilting too :)) about the snake... big NO, NO

tink's mom said...

What a great quilt. I love the fabric choices, not traditional girlie pinks but girlie non the less.