Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow day

I left work early, 'cause I am a chicken when it comes to driving in the snow. Got home, did some laundry, tried to clean my iron, practiced photography, just enjoyed the afternoon.....while my husband was doing donuts in the empty parking lot close to his work. That is, until the police told him he was done. Haha, they even told him, "I'd expect this from a teenager..." Guess they didn't expect a 60 year old man to be out playing in the snow with his 4-wheel drive....oh my....

I read where the Magic Eraser is a good cleaning tool for an iron. I guess I had let my iron get too bad....

That is pretty bad. Don't judge. And after at least ten minutes of hard scrubbing with the eraser....

My arm wore out.

Below, Jesse modeled for me. I am preparing for some newborn photography. Used my 35mm lens set at Aperture setting on 1.8. No flash.

I meant to post earlier about my blog book. I've made three of these now and just love them. Because I use my blog to record all my quilts, projects, and events in our lives, they are priceless to me. I use Blog2Print.

What have you done on this snowy afternoon?


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Petit Design Co. said...

that is really funny about your husband. It sounds like something my husband would do as well.

Nice shot of the kitty. I really need to practice with my DSLR on manual mode.

It sounds like you had a nice afternoon. I've been meaning to make one of those Blog books, maybe this year.