Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hanging out in the sewing room

I decided today to do a little cleaning in the sewing room. I usually do that after I finish a project, otherwise it can get really messy. Look at the dust I pulled out of the sewing machine!

Our quilt group is supposed to meet this week and I promised a member I'd piece her some batting from my scraps. I've done this before by zig zagging it together, but I found some iron on tape that works beautifully. I think I got it at Joanns.

Anyone else piece scraps of batting together?



pamela thorne said...

I piece my battings, too, and use a zig zag stitch. I haven't invested in the fusible tape, but have thought about using fusible interfacing that I keep on hand for tshirt quilts.

Pam near Nashville, TN

Vivian said...

I'll do that whenever possible, it's a great way to use up those wide edge leftover scraps from triming up a quilt when you used a full size batt. It's also a great way to round out a "too small" piece of batting rather than having to go out and buy a bigger size (which then leads to having more scraps!).

I've both stitched (I call it "Frankensteining") my batt scraps and used the tape. However, I find the tape is best used with cotton battings --- pressing the tape on poly battings flattens them permanently and you lose the loft.