Friday, February 28, 2014

No sewing, no running

The hubby caught some nasty cold/viral thing on his recent business trip. We thought he was pretty much over it by Sunday night when I got home from my trip to visit Emma. Well, evidently he was still contagious. Now I've got it. Yuck! Starts with a scratchy throat, continues with coughing and congestion, and no energy. I've slept more today than I have in years. I am hoping I'll get some energy back tomorrow.

I finally got dressed today but didn't make it to the grocery store. Just moved from the bed to the recliner. I am so behind in my half marathon training. I might have to do a lot of walking in the race if I don't get back to my training. I absolutely hate not being able to run on a gorgeous sunny day like today.


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Dolly said... sorry you got it too ! Take it easy......with your training, you'll bounce right back !

Praise to our Healer !