Friday, April 11, 2014

Call me crazy

You can call me crazy, but that is ok. I love learning and doing new things. I've been on a running journey for the last year and like me with anything new, am pretty obsessed with it. Well, not exactly obsessed. I still only run three days a week, and I do the intervals of running and walking (currently 5/1). I like the thought of encouraging others. If they see me doing it at my age then maybe they will think, "if she can do that at 55, surely I can too." I did my first half marathon about two weeks ago. I am doing another one next weekend! These bodies God gave us are truly amazing.

This race is a big one...the Kentucky derby half marathon in Louisville. And you know what that means??? I get to visit baby girl Emma while we are there....that is the best part! I did my last long run today in preparation. I only did 8 1/2 miles. Before the last one I worked up to 11 1/2 miles, but I just didn't want to push it too much. They say it is better to go into a race undertrained than overtrained.

That looks nasty. I wore new shoes yesterday and had a little blood blister. I didn't even feel it when I was running. Guess it is due to those fabulous endorphins.

It will be a fun run. Very flat so I should be able to beat my last time. We get to run through Churchill downs.

And I get to give this baby doll some Mamaw sugar...



One of these days I'll get back to some quilting.......


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