Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fabulous weekend

The kids were here for the weekend, so I got a ton of snuggle time with my sweet baby girl Emma. She makes me heart sing! And.....I ran my first half marathon!!! That was one of those bucket list items....but I really enjoyed it and even though I am so sore I can hardly walk, I will probably do another some time. Enjoy some of my pictures...

Because I am pretty slow, I started in corral D, about three minutes behind the faster runners. There were 2487 half marathoners, 692 marathoners, and 1794 5k racers, all starting together.

I finished!

The hubby got up at five this morning to go with me. He's a sweetie.

My runner/quilter friend ran it too. Our goal was to finish upright. We made it!

The hubby even bought me this shirt and a 13.1 sticker.

Then home for some snuggle time....

I didn't want to put her down. We both chilled a bit....then she woke up, bright eyed.

Love how expressive she is with her eyebrows. Then one last smile for Mamaw.

Great weekend! how was yours?


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