Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quilt show!

The hubby went with me to the quilt show in pigeon forge yesterday afternoon. Some really nice quilts were on display. I always think that I should enter some of mine......but never do.

Both of these are Bonnie Hunter patterns.

The show was almost closing and I really wanted Jim to get to see the quilts. The lady at the scooter rental gave us one for free for the last thirty minutes, until closing. Jim is a polio survivor, walks with a cane, and just can't walk for long periods or very far. He misses a lot because of this handicap.

He has never wanted to ride in a scooter or have me push him in a wheel chair (I wouldn't mind!). I think it is a pride thing.....but I talked him into the scooter. I think he really enjoyed it! He zoomed around looking at all the quilts, and saw what he had been missing. Hopefully this will be the start of him being a little more open to some "helps" occasionally when we go places.

...and hello to Elaine! A blog reader we saw at the show! Did anybody else go to the quilt show?


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