Sunday, March 9, 2014


I found some healthy recipes on our LiveWise website at work. I must have been hungry when I printed them off, or just wanting some kind of new challenge. I am now making the fourth new recipe this weekend. The first was a teriyaki chicken, rice, and broccoli dish. It was good, but I think it would be better without a couple of the ingredients -- chicken broth and brown sugar. The second was a beef stroganoff. It tasted too much like hamburger helper. It was ok, but used some canned mushroom soup and just didn't taste like a home cooked meal. The third was a bust -- breakfast in a jar. Nope, didn't like it. Prefer my steel cut oats or homemade bread toast for my breakfast.

This evening I am making a turkey cabbage stew recipe.

You layer cabbage, onion, green pepper, ground turkey, salt and pepper, and tomato sauce. I am hoping it will be a winner.

UPDATE: this dish was definitely a winner! Very good. I think even picky eaters might like this. Just enough flavor without being strong, but not bland either....and healthy to boot!

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