Sunday, May 31, 2015

DIY Beadboard

Not real beadboard. Paintable beadboard wallpaper. This stuff is awesome. I read about it some time ago and really wanted to put some in our hall bathroom, but that would require putting up moulding and I wasn't sure I could do that myself. Our dining room has a chair rail and the room is rather plain, so when I saw that Lowes had marked down their beadboard paintable wallpaper, I knew just where to put it.

It comes in a roll just like regular wallpaper. Soak it in water for 30 seconds then fold it against itself and let it activate for five minutes. It had more glue that any wallpaper I had ever used (22 years ago I wallpapered several rooms). Big globs of glue. I used multiple damp cloths to wipe it up after smoothing...over and over again.
It wasn't a hard project, just time consuming. I started last night at 7 and worked a couple of hours, then did about four more hours today. Now, it is ready to paint!


It adds great texture, and the room was lacking. Now, if I could find some trim paint around here, I'd finish it tonight!


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