Saturday, May 30, 2015


The last few years I've gotten a reputation for doing some big projects while the fisherman is off on his annual summer fishing trip. It started when I wanted to paint the dining room a few years ago. He didn't want me to. I did it while he was gone. On subsequent fishing trips, I re-did the front landscaping, redecorated the living room, painted the front door, did a faux tile finish on our concrete porches, and redecorated the screened porch. I might have also changed the carpet to wood on our staircase. Lots of projects.

Although I retired last December, I've recently gone back to work part time. I love my new job - less stress, fun work, great folks, and it's nice having a little extra money to do some things around the house. are some before projects might or might not include paint, organization, or some new furniture. Stay tuned. It's going to be some good changes.

I'm excited. I'm also on the kick again about painting my cabinets, but that MAJOR project certainly won't happen while he is gone, maybe not even this year. I'll have to do some sweet talking to the fisherman before he would give his approval for that to keep harmony in the home!

Rollin' up my sleeves and getting to work!

By the way, I eat good when he is gone.......

I'm trying to perfect my homemade O'Charleys honey mustard salad dressing. Mine was pretty good but not quite as good as the real thing.


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