Sunday, November 11, 2012

Recipe Organization

Before I started quilting I thought my most prized possession to hand down was my recipe books.  I love to cook and try new recipes.  The best way I found to organize them is to put them in three ring binders.

I've been collecting recipes since 1978. A few years ago I had to add volume two.  I took some pictures of my kitchen to use for the front and binders.  I use simple clear page protectors and dividers.
I thought one time that I should type them all up to make them neater.....
and I did that for a few of the recipes, but I realized that aside from the tremendous time that was going to take, I really didn't want to lose the original handwritten recipes that I had been given, or that I had written down while at a get-together or when having dinner at someone's house.
Some were written on a napkin, some on the back of an envelope as in the above picture.
Some I had written the date.  The sleeves make it easy just to slip the recipe in, and wipe it down when it gets spills.  I used to collect cook books, but soon found out that was a waste of storage space.  I would copy my favorite recipes from the books and give away the original cookbooks. I've  kept a few over the years, but I don't want more than my little shutter/window frame shelving unit can also holds the cat food and my lunch bag.
I am on my second set of binders, and it is time to replace them.  They do wear out. I hope someday a grandchild or other relative will think these two cookbooks are worth keeping.

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