Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to remove gray marks from dishes

A few months ago I took a set of white dishes to Goodwill because they had gray utensil marks all over them. I kept the bowls only because my husband like them for his cereal. I learned that Bar Keepers Friend will get those marks off.

Wow. Look at the difference. Now, I hate I gave away those plates. I love white dishes.

I have spent the afternoon today learning all kinds of things from a blog called, "One Good Thing". Check it out. I've got a link on my blog role to the right. You can find out how to make homemade hand sanitizer, natural bleach alternative, spot remover, lip exfoliation, body scrub, oatmeal shower bags, homemade lotion, and many, many other, DIY, crafts. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks Jillie!


Petit Design Co. said...

oh no, well now you know for next time. I also use a " mr. clean magic eraser" as a last resort before giving up on spots. And for Laundry fels naptha bar soap gets stuff out that spot cleaners don't. (even gets out tough baby stains)

Lucy Bottorff said...

This post is surely helpful. I do get gray stains on my dinnerware from time to time!