Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Sewing....not shopping

Back to sewing. I pulled a couple of old projects out. This one is a circle jeans quilt that ends up looking a lot like a cathedral window quilt.

I had collected a few pairs of old jeans. Cut some big circles using one of my long arm tools.

Inside each circle you put a square of fabric. I recently cut up a bunch of five inch squares, thinking I was going to use them for another project. They fit perfect on the squares. This quilt is "all inclusive" backing and no batting. I'll sew them together and then I plan to sew the denim over the square and let it have a ragged edge.

Like this.....

After I cut up all the denim I had, I pulled out this project....

I still have a ton of shirt scraps left from all of the shirt quilts I've made. I started this one about a year ago. With all the little pieces, I expect it will be a project that will take a while.

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Petit Design Co. said...

interesting take on the Cathedral Window. Are you sewing your circles together before adding the center square of fabric and sewing down the "windows"? or at what point are you joining them?