Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The continuing scrappy wonky star saga

I've been working on these blocks for ages now. This week I decided to try the block a day method. It has actually worked pretty good. I'd like to shoot for ten blocks a week. I've made ten in about a week or so just doing two at a time.

When I first started making these star blocks I wanted to use any kind of light, but I really don't like the ones with all the busy lights or darks. The top two are those I am not that fond of anymore. I am not sure if I'll keep them in the quilt. I figured out that I can use the wrong side on some of the lighter printed fabrics and it mutes the busyness a bit. Making progress. I like that. Ten a week will put me ready to make the top in about 5-6 months.....certainly better than the six months I've done nothing on them.

....yeah, looking at the busy ones just now.....I probably won't use those.....the others look so much better. Just hope I have enough scraps using the muted lights and the true darks.



Dolly said...

I agree with you.....the muted ones look much better. I have found that some of my scrap quilts have gotten so busy that I just don't even have any interest in finishing them with quilting. That's sad !

I wish you lived next door......those lights I just bought would work perfectly, and we could share them !

Rachel said...

Yes Dolly. The others look better. Problem is now about half the blocks I've made are those with the wild scraps in them. To bad I don't live next door, I might could convince you to swap some of your blocks for those! Haha.