Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DIY cough drops, protein smoothie, and running

Busy day. The hubby woke up coughing, which was a good excuse for me to make a recipe I was wanting to try -- homemade cough drops...

These were really easy and I had everything on hand...sugar, water, lemon, honey, ground cloves, and ground ginger.
You dust them with powdered sugar to keep them from sticking together. He liked them. I think the taste must be similar to the old fashioned horehound flavour.
For lunch I made this awesome smoothie. I didn't have milk but I used a good substitute. I'm one of those make do or do without kind of gals. I used a frozen banana, some other mixed frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches), a scoop and a half of vanilla protein powder, some water, and a big dollop of sweetened condensed milk. It was one of the best I've made. And at 18 grams of protein, it's a winner.
Later I did my three miles I had on the running schedule. It was beautiful outside. Warm enough for a running skirt!
...I had other errands and things to do today so I didn't get to work on the remembrance quilt, but I finished all the blocks yesterday. They just need to be sewn together.
I hope it sews and quilts ok. Some of the shirt fabric is fraying and stretching some.
And one more picture.............
Today's picture of my grand baby girl, Emma, enjoying her bananas. She will be one year old in three weeks...sniff, sniff....wish I could be there to help her celebrate.




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