Sunday, January 11, 2015

Remembrance Quilt

My next project is a remembrance quilt for a co-worker. Her husband passed away last year from Parkinson's. She brought me the shirts on my last day at the job. I would love to have this one done in a week or so. It might be a little tricky because a couple of the shirts don't really stretch but the fabric moves when I cut it. We shall see how it turns out. This is the best pattern for remembrance quilts. It goes together really quick.

I've found a lot of men have similar shirts. This pattern uses one lighter than all the rest and one darker. I had to use some of my black fabric and actually will have to buy more or maybe pick up a large black shirt somewhere. He only had seven shirts, but I've made them before with only that many, so it will work. It should turn out to be 64x72, which is a nice lap size, with no border. I think lap size are the best for remembrance quilts. Good size to snuggle up under.


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