Saturday, November 28, 2015

Crocheted Scarf and Norwex

I finished the gray scarf.  I still haven't quite got the hang of the ends yet.  I ended up doing a chain stitch on either end to try to hide the crookedness.

 I like it and believe I'll wear it more than the pink one.  It is softer. I like the warm thick weave.  Just a simple single crochet.

I am really enjoying this Saturday. Plenty of leftovers from yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner with my kids.  Cleaning away with my Norwex cloths.  Let me put in a word for those amazing cleaning cloths.  No, I don't sell them but if I didn't already have a job, and more hobbies than I have time for, I would sell them. I like them that much.  I bought the body cloths and you can remove all traces of makeup, even mascara, with nothing but this cloth and water. It exfoliates your skin too.  I haven't used soap on my face in a week and it looks great (for a 56 year old fair skinned, too much sun, girl that is).  I even used it to exfoliate my feet in the shower.  I admit, not as good as a Ped-Egg but I did see a noticeable different in the rough skin around my heels.  With this same cloth I've cleaned my shower and tub, and they look just as good as a thorough cleaning with Dow bathroom cleaner and a good scrubbing.  Again, nothing but water.  I use the kitchen cloth for my stainless steel refrigerator. No cleaner, just water.  Used it on the granite counters, the wood cabinets, and the hard wood floor. Amazing, so easy. Nothing but water.

They are microfiber but better than any microfiber I've ever used.  They also have silver somehow in the fibers so after you clean with them, your rinse in hot water and let air dry. The silver kills any bacteria.  You can use them several times without laundering them.  Launder with good clothes, and no towels or anything that produces lint.  No fabric softener or dryer sheets for these babies.

I've already placed another order for the window cloth and the car mitt.  Can't wait to see how well it does windows with nothing but water.  Oh yeah, they also come with a two year guarantee. I sure sound like a salesman, don't I?


Jan said...

We have quilting, running, photography in common, but not crochet! I tried, but finally realized, you have to pay attention when you crochet...not one of my strong suits. Love your scarves!

I love Norwex too. My cleaning lady uses all their products when she cleans our house, she got me hooked.


Rachel said...

Ha Jan! This scarf is only the single crochet, over and over, and over again, I've not progressed to anything more difficult yet. You could do it!