Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I've learned to crochet!

For years I've wanted to learn to knit.  Our quilting class at church is in between projects and we decided to take a couple of weeks to learn to crochet.  It is a simple scarf pattern.  It isn't as hard as it looks.  I know I messed up a lot in the first couple of rows but I just kept going and now I think I've got the hang of it. Crochet is like a preliminary skill to knitting, right?

I know, I don't need another hobby.  I think this will be good just in case I want to do a project here and there, or to keep something going for car rides/airplanes/sitting in the living room with my hubby while he watches TV.

Quilting Update:  I haven't done much quilting lately.  Actually I am waiting on a response from Fons and Porter.  I submitted my Checkered Past quilt (no, you readers haven't seen the full thing), and they suggested a change.  They said to redesign it and submit again with fabric suggestions and they would send me the fabric to make it. I'm assuming IF they like the re-design, and IF they want it for a magazine. They are usually so prompt with emails. So, I'm a bit surprised I didn't get an acknowledgment that they received the new design, nor any correspondence, especially since they requested it for a review meeting that was occurring the last week in October. So.....here I wait.  Maybe I'll send another email later this week......

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