Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tools for quilters

I read somewhere that office tools can be used to help organize quilting tools.  I made a trip to Staples the other day and picked up some things.
The file dividers are great for your rulers.  The pencil holder works to hold scissors and I liked the little notepad/cell phone rest and pencil holder.

I have a question and I'd love to have your input.
Our quilting group at church made this from church members ties and once it is quilted, the plan is to hang it in our new addition.  It will measure about 80" x 80".  One option suggested is to frame it under glass, after it is quilted.  Although expensive, the money is available to do that.  I realize framing it will probably preserve it longer than hanging.  What is your opinion? I have an opinion, but wanted to solicit others.


M Stevens said...

I follow your blog. Love the tie quilt. My SIL, Nancy Marsh, told me to be sure to see it. You all are quilting dynamos!

Rachel said...

Thanks! You'll have to come see it once we get it quilted and hung.