Sunday, February 22, 2015


I'm a huge fan of organization.  That isn't to say I am always organized, but I do like to try. Normally, I'll let things go for a while and then do an ambitious effort to organize.  I like to use plastic notebooks with page protectors.  I've one for my quilts, two volumes for my recipes, and I recently started another one for essential oil uses.  What are you favorite ways to organize?


Jan said...

I always say that I am not organized by nature, I am LAZY by nature and don't want to waste energy looking for things.

I'm a binder fan as well, before I married Mr. K, I rarely cooked for myself, but kept a binder with recipes labeled, "things I might want to try if ever the urge to cook comes over me!"

Rachel said...

I hear you Jan! Being organized saves so much time, energy, and money!