Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Iced in, day 3 - cloth baby book

Well, I can't say that I am totally iced in, I'm just too chicken to go off this hill. The hubby went out yesterday and even went to work today. Me....I'd rather find things to do here.

First this morning I needed to run to work off some of my cabin fever crazies....Three miles on my indoor "track."

Then I got busy on Emma's cloth book I am making.



I definitely learned some things making this but I really love it and hope she does too. I used a bronze sharpie to write on the front. Love.



Dolly said...

How wonderful that you are following through and making this book NOW !

I started out printing a block with my granddaughter's picture in it, month by month, but life happened and I stalled out in about 5 months, and I don't even know where those blocks are now ! And she is 11 years old !

Instead, this week I made a preprinted cloth book meant for preschoolers to learn to count and search out things.

Wonderful job and concept !

(I also am trapped here by reluctance to drive on my own icy driveway !)

Rachel said...

Dolly, I ordered a preprinted panel to make a book but got antsy and did my own. I'd like to make her one with colours and numbers too. I love the fact that she will be able to chew on it, pull on it, and get it dirty without hurting it. Toss it in the washer! You should find those pictures and make that book. I bet even at age 11, she would enjoy it.

the momma said...

What a sweet treasure :-)

A Nudge said...

A wonderful project, Rachel. She will spend hours with it - both tactile and visual. I invite you to link your progress on it at WIPs Be Gone - this idea needs to be shared. Thanks for posting it.

Rachel said...

Thank you A Nudge! I linked it!

Rachel said...

Thanks The Momma! Thanks for stopping by.

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

What a beautiful project.

Lana said...

I love this ....I have 5 GBs...and I know they will all love this!