Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hot Chocolate 15k

I ran my first 15k this morning in cold Nashville. The hubby went with me and we stayed last night in a down town hotel. Brrrr, very cold this morning. In the 20's at start time. It took me two miles before my fingers and toes quit being numb. I was worried because at my last long run of eight miles my right foot gave me some trouble. It did fine today. By mile six my left knee and hip were bothering me some, but not enough to make me walk any more than I was already doing in the 5/1 intervals. My goal was to finish in less than two hours and I beat that by a good amount! Official time was 1:51:55 and I was 46 out of 94 in my age group, 2302 of 3219 overall, and 1487 of 2255 females.

The jacket was awesome as well as the medal and all the chocolate! Chocolate candy, chocolate marshmellows and tootsie rolls at the water stations. Hot chocolate and chocolate fondue in a big chocolate mug at the finish line. I was so thankful my foot did fine, and was thanking God while I ran.....that I can run....I just felt so blessed.

Garmin lap stats below....

Avg Pace
412:10.91.00 12:11
512:16.01.00 12:16

It was so cold I didn't take hardly any pictures at the race. I regret that. Here's the medal...

..and this mug had hot chocolate in the center (in a removable cup), a banana, pretzels, Rice Krispie treat, marshmallows, and liquid chocolate fondue in the shallow side part!

...and the official finish...notice it took me almost 29 minutes to even get to the start line....the corrals were separated by three minutes and us slow pokes were in corral H. But there was even two slower groups, I and J.

I'm very sore tonight but happy that I did it. And to be honest, I love that sore feeling from a long run.


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Dolly said...

Congratulations ! That's an amazing accomplishment and definitely something for which to praise God !

As cold as it was, I'm sure you're glad that it wasn't scheduled for TOMORROW morning.

Stay warm !