Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bored Silly

I am trying to stay productive but must admit I've been very bored this week.

Big boy and I saw the snow this morning and stayed in bed a while.....Later I tried to be productive by cutting some scraps into three piles of sizes. I'd like to really make a dent in scraps by organizing them this way.

...then I was just bored....I've never been fond of TV but today I found myself watching..ahem...Hoarders. I'm a bit ashamed to admit ;) I needed some activity, so I ran three miles on my little indoor track....around and around I go....it really is a decent workout. I'm sweating, my heart is pumping, and the garmin is keeping up with the distance based on my stride, my outside runs, and whatever other magic it uses.

I started off my retirement with a weekly list of things I wanted to get done. A couple weeks ago I let my list making slip and found that I am not nearly as productive or content. Sooooo, this afternoon I made a list of to-do's.

Empty central vacuum canister

Dust all the blinds and ceiling fans

Make label and sew it on toddler quilt

Research races

Just a few things but I did them all and felt better! ... it could have been those awesome runner endorphins...Now I've got to think of some things for tomorrow's list. Do you get cabin fever in this weather? What do you do when you get bored?


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