Friday, April 19, 2013

Hemming jeans the boutique way

A few months ago I purchased some designer jeans. They were a bit long so the store hemmed them for me. They did it in a way that preserved the white stitching and the worn edges (you know the style). I had a couple more pairs of jeans that were fine for the winter with heeled boots, but too long for summer flats. I decided to hem them like the boutique did.

If they are an inch too long, you fold over the edge above the hem, one half inch and pin.

Then you sew the fold down on the top side. I used monofilament thread, which was perfect because it disappeared against the jean fabric.


When finished, you have a little fold on the inside of your jeans but the outside looks great and the fold is not visible. The white stitching and worn edges are preserved.


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