Sunday, April 21, 2013

Being Frugal with Jeans

Jim had torn a big hole in one pair of his jeans. He was going to throw them out but I had a better idea. I had saved some Levi's pockets from old jeans when I cut them up for a quilt. My problem was having a machine that could get inside the leg to sew the pocket on over the big hole.....hmmm...what to do?

Anyone ever use their long arm machine to try to sew inside a jeans leg??? It doesn't work too well. I thought of a better idea. They were headed for the trash anyway, so I cut up the inside of the leg, sewed the pocket on and then resewed the leg. Lookie here!

Good thing he has skinny legs.....the right pant leg is about a half inch slimmer than the he has an extra pocket for his cell phone, reading glasses, etc. We laughed about us being frugal in preparation for retirement and fixed income. He may not wear them out anywhere but he said they would be fine for fishing.


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