Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday work day

Today I decided to hang around here after my morning run. Power washed all the wicker (7 chairs and a table), all the outside cushions, and both porches. Got it all done before it rained. The cushions still aren't totally dry yet, but I did get them under roof.

My morning run was pretty slow. It was so hot and humid, I allowed myself to take longer walk breaks so my total time was back up to 35:51. I just have to keep telling my "goal oriented" self that is ok. Don't want to hurt anything. I just hope come race day on May 4th, I have a good, fast run.

The hubby and I were going to go fishing this evening, but I don't know now, with the clouds and rain. I'm not big on fishing in the rain.

Maybe I'll do some sewing......don't have to cook tonight, cause we have yummy leftovers from last night.....ravioli with mushroom basil cream sauce. One of my favourites.


Thought I'd add a little to this post. The hubby did decide to go on fishing, but I am not really into night fishing, at least when there is quilting to do. Got both of the baby quilts ready for the machine.

The quilt on the left is called The Road Trip Quilt and I found the free pattern on Cluck, Cluck, Sew blog. Very fast and easy. I added another block for each row to make it a bit bigger than the original 36x40. Mine measures 40x40. I only spent a few hours this evening on it. The one on the right was a free pattern from the Moda website called, Building Blocks Baby Quilt. It was easy too. Both of these hopefully will blend with the Pottery Barn bedding the mothers have picked out.


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