Saturday, April 9, 2016

Piecing and Woodworking

I am currently heavy into piecing my new project.  I like to think of ways to make things faster.  I know many quilters say they love the process. Me, I love the finish.  One thing I started today that seems to speed things up a bit - used my wooden iron for the little pieces.

Each 9" block has 30 pieces to be sewn together. I know, crazy design (but it is my crazy design). I hated getting up and ironing each. little. section. Now, I use this small tool until I get each of the four rows together, then press them and sew them up.  I've got the time down from about 30 minutes per block to about 16-18 minutes.

I can't help but wonder.....does anyone else time how long it takes them to make a block, then figure up the time it takes to complete the project?

I'm liking the way it is coming together.  So far, I've made 17 blocks.  I am shooting for 20 this weekend.

As I was figuring up my finishing time, I was reminded of something I told myself years ago.  I was working full time and contemplating going to night school to get my MBA degree.  I knew it would probably take about five years. I was 38 at the time. I told myself in five years I would be 43, so I might as well be 43 with a master's degree.  It helped me to think like that.  I worked on the classes a little at a time, and in 5 years, I finished - on my schedule.

So, this quilt may take me 4-5 months, but if I make it, in 4-5 months I'll have a nice, big, beautiful, king size quilt of my own design.

Did something else today that I've never done.  Used a miter saw, a brad nail gun, and a Kreg jig.  I am learning how to use tools so I can make that king size bed, this quilt is going to cover. I was thrilled to learn some new things. I don' t need another hobby, but I have this insatiable desire to learn.

I worked on some practice pieces.  Thank goodness for Youtube videos.  I still have a lot to learn but I am feeling more confident that I can actually do it.

So tell me, do you figure out how long it takes to make a block? a quilt? do you give yourself goals for finishing? Inquiring minds want to know.


Susan said...

I am absolutely in awe! So great that you are learning a new skill. Keeps the brain young! It took me 42 years to ear my B.A. (took time off in the middle to raise a family) and was so proud when it was completed. Always keep learning!

Rachel said...

I agree Susan! Learning keeps us active.