Saturday, April 23, 2016

Busy Saturday

After my run last night, I went back to a patch of wild honeysuckle I saw and picked 4 cups of blossoms.

This morning I made honeysuckle syrup.  Pretty simple really.  I steeped them in water over night, brought them to a boil this morning, strained them, and added honey.  Put them up in 1/2 pint canning jars.

I tried some in tea and it was pretty tasty.  The honey is prominent, but you can still taste the honeysuckle.  I wonder if using sugar would allow the honeysuckle flavor to be more prominent. Although I must admit it did taste somewhat like drinking pollen.  The hubby gagged.  And yes, I googled "ingesting bee pollen" to be sure we would live.  Seriously, bee pollen is supposed to be great for all kinds of health issues.  I think the hubby would rather take his chances without it.

Then, I decided to dye some jeans.  What do you do when your favorite jeans are faded and worn looking.  You dye them!


I think they turned out ok.  Definitely not the typical dark denim blue, but an improvement.  I just wish I had taken a before picture.

Next I worked on my mega quilt. 45 of 90 blocks done, yippee!  I finished the quilting and binding on the smaller version that is now hung over our tub.

I cut the batting and backing a little close.  A little too close actually and had to trim off some of the border.  All in all, a good productive day.    How about yours?  any sewing today?

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