Saturday, March 7, 2015



So thankful for the sunshine. I had a long run on the schedule for today.

Seven miles! In short sleeves and a running skirt!

Mercy, those legs are lily white! (I that a purely southern expression?)

Got her done. 5/1 intervals, long and slow. Foot feels ok. I've self diagnosed my foot pain as metatarsalgia, and I think the cause is all the running I've had to do inside. Lots of turns. It started hurting after two weeks of inside running due to the ice and snow. Some day I may have to break down and get a treadmill.

In other randomness...have you tried Pioneer Woman's meatloaf recipe? It is the best I've had, especially with her tomato gravy as a topping. Just for the two of us I halve the recipe, but it is so good I think next time I'll make the whole and freeze half of it.

With some green beans, and sweet potato fries (from Costco; officially a Costco fan now), we've eaten two meals each and still have a little left -- and I only made half the recipe!

Let me put in a plug for Costco while it is on my mind. The nearest one is about 25 miles away but I've decided it is worth it for us. One reason glasses. I had my eyes checked last week and I usually get my glasses at the eye doctor's facility. With vision insurance, the cost to me was going to be $292! That was for a nice stylsh frame, scratch resistant, non glare, progressive and transition lenses. Basically the works. HOWEVER, at Costco, all of that cost me only $115. The basic membership is $55. I still saved $122, and I found several things we use that were significantly cheaper at Costco. The vision center is run by licensed opticians and they are open the same as the store hours, seven days a week. No charge for adjustments. They were so very nice too! I was impressed.

So here are the fashionable frames I picked out. Did you know cat eye frames are making a comeback, along with more rounded frames too? I just couldn't do those. They reminded me of the fifties and sixties. I hope these are stylish enough to help make this old gal look a bit more modern.


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