Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I found a recipe to make your own almond milk. Since I love almond milk and am always wanting to do it myself, I tried it.

It looked good.

But it was horrible! I followed the recipe to a T. Added honey, still yucky. Added some vanilla, still yucky, and even added some sugar..bleh! It is pretty bad. Whatever magic Blue Diamond does to make theirs taste good, I can't replicate. Don't waste your time making this.

I've got the strainings drying out in the oven now to make almond meal. Maybe I can use that for something, in cookies or a cake, maybe. I sure hate I wasted a cup of raw almonds.


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Susan said...

I was making almond milk for a little while, as part of a "raw foods diet". The lady who taught me gave me a recipe to make the almond milk using dates to sweeten it, and it came out very good. However, I stopped making it, as I hated having all the almond mash left over--I could never find enough good uses for it, and just couldn't bear to throw it away. In the end, I decided it would be smarter just to eat the almonds whole!