Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Busy day

No sewing or quilting today but lots of other stuff going on. Got in a run....

Did lots of to-do's around the house...wash car, change light bulbs, fix door handle, laundry, ordered a wedding gift. Getting ready for another trip to see my favorite little girl....they have had some awesome adventures lately. The visited Durham, England for a week and found a portion of Hadrian's wall. I think it dates back to 122 A.D.

I've been trying to pack up all the things I am bringing them....books, a baby doll, sing-a-long DVD's, some outfits for Emma, jeans for Elijah, a pair of cool converse for Katie....the color is poolside.

I even bought myself a pair. I wore converse when I was in high school (70's) and loved them. Never too old for converse all-stars! Mine are periwinkle.





Jan said...

I'll bet you're so excited to be going to see your sweet little family again! Are you taking the Mr. this time, or are you waiting for me to get packed?

Retirement sure keeps you busy!


Rachel said...

Haha Jan, I am waiting on you!! The Mr. has a bad leg (polio survivor) and can't do a lot of walking. Since Edinburgh is such a walking city, he has been hesitant to go with me. However, on this trip there will be more daylight hours and I plan to use them wisely to see if I can find a close hotel with taxi service to wherever we might want to go. I'm hoping the next trip he will go!

Petit Design Co. said...

How fun! Have a great trip!

Those converse are on my favorite color, off to track a pair down :)

Rachel said...

Hey Norma! Hope you find the converse. I love mine! I love that even the over fifty crowd can still rock 'em!