Sunday, December 7, 2014

Edinburgh Christmas 5k

It was cold, windy, and dreary this morning but my son took me to Inverleith park for the 5k. It started to rain once we got there and then it was sleeting!

I told him if it didn't stop soon I just wanted to go back to the flat. He said the weather changes so fast to just hold we did. And it did. The sun came out and the rain/sleet stopped. It was still chilly at about 40 degrees with a wind, but not bad at all.

No records set today. They didn't use the chip timing system and only had awards for the top three for female and male. But everyone got a medal, and a goody bag,

My garmin time was 35:11, about average for me.

...but it is exciting to have a medal And a t-shirt from a race so far from home.

My sweet daughter in law had a yummy meat loaf about ready when we got home. And I am looking forward to spending the day with this little monkey.....


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