Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Big Decision

I made a huge decision yesterday. I am going to retire from my full time job. I've spent 34 years and 11 months working at the same site, and for most of that time in the same organization. I really do love my job and the people I work with. It has been a lot of fun and afforded me opportunities to go to Russia, Paris, Vienna, Prague, New York, San Francisco, and many other places. My management allowed me to work part time when my son was little. My co-workers are family and I will miss them very much. However, it is time to do something different. I do have plans for what that is going to be. I made the decision very quickly which took everyone by surprise. With it being the holidays there will be no time for a retirement party, which makes me sad, but I've had lots of folks come by my office and email me with their kind words of congratulations. Honestly, that is what I looked forward to with a party. Those words have meant the world to me and made my heart swell!

I hope to spend the first month at home cleaning and organizing! The blog may be getting more posts of all the stuff I will be getting into.

I am so very thankful I've been able to work where I do, with the people I work with, and am able to do this in my fifties. All thanks to the Lord for his mercy and grace given to me! I believe everything in this life is orchestrated by God the father to work out his plan. Proverbs 16:9.



Petit Design Co. said...

Wow! Big changes, how exciting. Congratulations!

Rachel said...

Yes, big change. but I am so looking forward to no more ten hr work days! No more leaving before the sun is up!