Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day trip to England

We took a train, then a bus, to Alnwick, England, today. Emma did pretty good for such a long day trip. It was beautiful. This first picture is of the castle there.


We went to the biggest used bookstore in the UK. It was in the old Alnwick railway station.


This picture tells the story of the station and lists the names of all those who worked there over the years.

I did get a picture of Greyfriers Bobby last night in Edinburgh. The story is the owner of the establishment passed away and his dog, Bobby, never left his graveside until he too passed away 14 years later.

Supposedly if you rub the nose of Bobby's status, you'll have good luck....or something like that.You can see the black has been rubbed off on him.

..but the best part of this trip is this....




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